Thursday, March 31, 2011

Decorating With Thrifty Treasures

I love decorating with the things I find at the Thrift Store
Oh, believe me over the years I have
Accumulated a lot of "Stuff".
And I love every bit of it. . .
 One of my favorite things to find is
Milk Glass
Ooooo! I love it!
Milk glass is already beautiful. . . .Just some soap and water
And it is beautiful and ready to decorate with
 Just a few days ago I found these beautiful pieces of
Milk Glass
The top one is a large diamond cut
The bottom picture is a small diamond cut.
 I made a pretty pink faux flower arrangement in the one
And a single rose in the other.
The flowers are cheap ones from the dollar store
They look as pretty as the expensive faux flowers at craft stores.
 I have a beautiful spring vignette. . .
About a year ago I found this spring cloche.
It was after Easter, and I bought it for only $1
Ready for this year when I brought out my Spring decorations.
I love it!
Look at the beautiful hand-painted egg.
 A closer look at the Easter Egg.
I didn't have to do a thing to this cloche arrangement,
Just wash the cloche and I had a beautiful
Easter Cloche for this year!
 I can't seem to pass up cute birds. . .
These poor little things were an ugly green. . . Oh, dear!
I washed them and spray painted them white. .
They are so cute and go so well with any
Spring Vignette I create.
I have found when shopping Thrift Stores
You have to see the beauty beyond the current "look"
Take for instance these birds. . .  oh, they were not very pretty
A little tender loving care and some spray paint.
And I think they are Beautiful
Maybe a little like some people.
You have to look beyond the current "look"
And with tender loving care, there is Beauty. .
But, for some they are like the milk glass and the cloche
They are already Beautiful. . .

Hope you are having Sunshine wherever you may live.
Even if the sun isn't shining, you can have
Sunshine in Your Soul.
Please do come back. . . .K
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  1. Love your milk glass and of course your cloche with the beautiful egg. Your vignettes are stunning. Fantastic finds. Hugs, Marty

  2. Oh Karie, this is so lovely! I have a lot of milkglass pieces that I have thrifted as well and love to use them at this time of the year. they are just so pretty and fresh looking! Thank you so much for joining me for my first TTF party!!

  3. Oh I just adore milk glass! Thank you for sharing your treasures!

  4. I have to smile at milkglass. It is so common where I live that people say what would I ever do with another piece. Maybe I should collect it to share.
    I do love the look of your birds.

  5. Your birds are so sweet. I NEVER remember that about the spray paint. I know it is the thing to do!! Have a great weekend.

  6. I love your decorations, so beautiful:-)
    Thanks for stopping by, hugs Biljana

  7. Beautiful vignette, the makeover of the birds. Happy PS.

  8. Wow! That cloche was a great find! I love shopping thrift stores and yard sales too and making something new out of something old. I need to think about spray painting more often too....the birds was an excellent idea!
    Visiting form Pink Saturday...

  9. Oh I love your pretties, especially the pink cloche.

    Happy PS,

  10. Karie, your vignettes are wonderful ... so love the cloche!
    Happy April PS ~
    TTFN ~


  11. I like your milk glass. I was able to find a few pieces in pink. The cloche with the little egg is so cute! Happy Pink Saturday.


  12. You've put together a beautiful arrangement!

  13. So sweet! Love the muted pastels.

    Bella Rosa Antiques

  14. I love milk glass and you found some awesome pieces! hugs, Linda

  15. Dear Karie,
    How beautiful Milk Glass is..I love it too, along with my sister. We are always picking up any pretty piece we come across...just like you! I'm following because I like your style...

  16. What a beautiful spring vignette. I love your cloche! I also love your milk glass it is perfect for spring. I like how you painted the birds too, they look wonderful. Thanks for linking up!


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