Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Just what is the value of a friend. . .?
Oh, let me tell you,
They are more precious than rubies,
More rare than diamonds,
Their reach is beyond the Universe. . .
The older I get the More Valuable they become. . .
They are not only Friends, they are Angels.
I know you have heard me talk about my
High School Friends. . .
Well, our friendships began long before High School
Grade School and Childhood!
We were together today for lunch

 We are an eclectic bunch. . .
 We try to get together as once a month.
 We listen to each others Joys, Triumphs and . . . .  Trials.
 We had a few missing today. .
Normally  we have about 10.
What a cute bunch of gals. . .  Love you guys!
We keep asking each other,
"Where did the years go?"
"Has it really been that long ago?"

Do you still get together with High School Friends?

Please come back again . . . .K

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  1. Hi Karie...

    Ahhh...truly a blessing indeed, my friend! What a lovely bunch of ladies! I bet ya'll have such fun when you get together!!! I just think it's wonderful that your friendships have endured the years. I'm not in touch with any of my childhood friends! Of course, it was difficult with my folks moving so often. Distance does that! Some of my closest and sweetest friends I have made right here in blogland...imagine that! We talk or write daily back and forth and I have even had the opportunity to meet my two dearest friends! It was so sweet! Thank you for sharing your lovely photos with us! I'm so very happy for you, Karie! Yes...a true friend is priceless!!!

    I also wanted to thank you for stopping by my place! I sooo enjoyed your visit and sweet note, dear lady! Thank you!!!

    Warmest spring wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

    PS...I also read your last post! What a precious have your dear grandmother's teacup! It's beautiful!!!


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