Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hello March - - -I've Been Waiting For You!

Oh, I am so happy to have March here. .
Spring arrives this month
Even though March is a tricky month
I still like it.
One of the things I do during March
 Keep track of the weather. 
It  can actually change from hour to hour. . .
Of course I live in Utah
And if you don't like the weather
Just wait a minute and it will change!
(oh, but there is not another place I'd rather be)

So with it being the First of March
It is time to add a little GREEN to the decor.
But I haven't gotten too far with that.
 My coffee table is as far as I have gone with the green. .
Of course the "Luck of the Irish"
Which I embroidered, is displayed this month.
 The green compost bowl I found at the thrift store
Just a few weeks ago.
And this beautiful shallow dish I also found at the DI.
This week I will continue to work on my March decor.
Hopefully I will have a few vignette to show you.
I am linking to
Just in case you would like to know
I am PAINTING. . .
Yep, I have another project going
Actually I have a few.
Check back to see what I have been painting.


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