Saturday, April 30, 2011

High School Jr.Prom Night

Oh, the beauties of youth and the excitement!
It is High School Junior Prom Night
For my oldest granddaughter. .
Princess Baylee
 She is such a beautiful young woman. .
There are two evenings of enchantment that every
young girl dreams of
Her Jr. Prom
And her Wedding Day. . .
 Her dress is gorgeous. . . You can't see in the photo
But the skirt has little black polka dots.
 It is a big night for her and Dakota. .
An evening of enchantment. . .
Never to be forgotten
 They look so handsome as a couple
 His tie and handkerchief match the green in her dress.
 Pinning the boutonniere
 Wrist corsages have made it much easier for the guys!
 So pretty
 The two Grandma's with the Princess
 Baylee has two sets of parents. . .
Mat (my son) and Baylee's Mom, Melanie, (my daughter-in-law)
 Baylee's father, Bruce and his wife, Melinda.
Baylee is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. .
She is just a delight. . . always so happy and cheerful
Wanting to do what is right.
Straight A student. Active in school activities.
Captain of the volleyball team.
Is a dancer, and choreographer.
She is also taking college classes along with her
regular high school classes. ..
I just wonder where the time has gone!

Well, it has been 46 years since my Jr. Prom
And I remember it so well.
Do you remember yours?

Friday, April 29, 2011

Faith In Every Pink Footstep

Happy Pink Saturday
Sometimes I really have to think out of the box
for something pink to share at the party.
I feel bad if I miss the party.
So this week I want to share with you
Something I did with the Young Women
I teach in my Church .
(The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints)
The Young Women are 16-17 years old
We call them Laurels
The lesson was on
FAITH. . .
We discussed how Young Women 
 Can have Faith that the Lord
Is directing their lives. . . and how they are to have
Faith in Him  even when they face challenges
He is there to  guide and direct them . . .
I used the theme
Faith In Every Footstep.

 This was my table display
Everyone is of Royal Birth
We are Daughters of God
 He will guide us in every step we take
If we but have Faith in Him.
I gave each Young Woman a hand-out with this quote
By Elder M. Russell Ballard
"Truly the Lord encourages us
to walk in faith to the edge of the light and beyond-
into the unknown. After the trial of our faith,
He once again shines the light ahead of us,
and our journey of
Faith in Every Footstep Continues."

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Simple Vignette

Believe it or not, I am still putting away
Easter Decor. . .
I don't know what is wrong with me. .
I am so behind on my to-do list.
My little mini vacation
Wiped me out!
(I will blame my lack of motivation on that)
I did get my dining room table cleared
And created a simple centerpiece
I am tired of  clutter right now.
 The silver pieces are some that I found at the thrift store (DI)
The doily I crocheted a few years ago.
 I have a white lace tablecloth on the table
I found it also at the thrift store
 Sometimes I have to go simple.
I am sure I will be changing this little vignette. .
Nothing stays the same for me.
This is what is happening outside
Actually I just looked out the window and the show is
sticking to the ground.
I am not going to complain though. . .
After viewing on the news the devastation in Alabama and other states
I will be grateful for snow. . .
I am so sorry for the sorrow and pain so many are feeling right now.
My prayers are with them all. . . .
May the Tender Care of the Savior be with them.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thrifting for Tea Cups

Well, since I have found a new collecting obsession
I am always on the look out for tea cups. . .
Especially the dainty ones.
They are hard to find at thrift stores
Anyway, I have found it hard to find them.
Usually I can find the saucer, but not the cup
I think it is because the cup is so delicate and is
easily broken. . .
I found one the other day at DI
Oh, my heart was pounding!
Yep, that is what happens to me when I spot
something I really want.
(it is the thrill of the hunt, I tell ya)
 Here she is. . in perfect condition
Just as dainty and pretty as could be.
She only cost me $5. Not bad for such a pretty little thing.
I have no idea what the marking are. 
Just thought I would show you.

 I did find a few other little treasures that day.

 50 cents for this bud-vase.
 And of course I never pass up salt and pepper shakers.
I thought these were pretty. Only $1. for both.
 The little creamer was also a dainty little things.
It says it is made in Romania.
Needless to say I like it.
But my treasure find of the day is definitely this
Tea Cup and Saucer.
Gradually my collection is growing.
There are some of them that I will keep.
Some will go the Granddaughters.
And some will go to special family members.
I have three nieces, that I would like to give some to.
I hope you are finding treasures also.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Pioneer Tablescape

On my recent trip to the Southern part of Utah
I visited a primitive Pioneer Fort
As I toured the living quarters
I couldn't help but think of how it must have been
For the women of that time period
I looked at the few things they possessed
And I thought of how much they tried to bring beauty into
Their Homes. . .
Their living conditions were harsh and difficult. .
And yet, they surrounded themselves with loveliness
There was color and beauty in a decorated home.
 It is a simple lovely tablescape.
The plates are turned upside down so they didn't get dusty
The chairs are turned backwards. . . Why?
So they could  kneel in Prayer. . .then they turned
The chairs around, sat on them
And said a Blessing on the food. .
Even living in the barren desert
The Pioneer Woman
Brought beauty and loveliness to the life of her family
She made whatever her house was into 
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Monday, April 25, 2011

Tea Cup - - Kanab Antique Store

My only request, other than to be with my family,
was to go to an antique store. . .
I just about didn't get that fulfilled!
On my last day there, I went to
a very small out of the way antique store
And there I found this beautiful
Lefton Tea Cup and Saucer
 It is just a beautiful dainty tea cup
I was surprised at the price. . . much cheaper than I had expected.
I thought Lefton would be out of my budget range.
 I also found this beautiful vintage lace and fabric doily
 My Tea Cup collection is growing.
I just keep my eye out for delicate tea cups
Wherever I go.
 Today I started to put away the Easter Decor. .
This is about as far as I got.
So much to do. . . especially when you have just come
back from vacation. . .
I am going to show off my Lefton tea cup for a few days
It will be part of my buffet vignette.
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Appreciation For The Past

I love history and studying the past
Especially the domestic and everyday life.
I like to see the way they lived.
Recently I visited Pipe Springs National Monument
Located along the Utah/Arizona Border.
A very interesting place with the history of the
Paiute Indian Tribe and The Mormon Pioneer heritage.
Lots of pictures!
 Pipe Springs was a life saving stop for the early pioneers
The natural spring provided water. . .
 This is how they lived when they first came here.
 This is a "Mole". They would grind their grain and seeds on this. .
 This is one of the dug-out buildings there.
 A much needed building- - - The Out House.
 The Bunk House.
How would you like to sleep on that bed?

 The place soon became a Fort.
 The inner court of the Fort.
 Inside the living quarters. . .
I am amazed at the beautiful hand-work
That the women did. . . . They made their homes lovely.
 Look at the crocheted lace on this tablecloth and the braided rug.
 A dish towel in the kitchen.
Beautiful Red Work

 A little "toddler bed"
 The cradle
 The Parlor "sofa".
The name of the people over the Fort was Winsor
They called it Winsor Castle.
This cross-stitch sample was made in memory
of the Windsor's little 3 year old daughter who died
Her name was Eliza
The women and men who pioneered this great land
Were hard working people. . . The women especially worked hard
But, they made their homes as lovely as the circumstances would let them.
They also enjoyed beautiful things. . . pretty quilts on the beds,
A crocheted doily and tablecloth, lace curtains, braided rugs.
Even a lovely sampler in memory of a precious little child
It all tells a story. . .
Please do come back I have more to show you. . .K
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