Monday, April 11, 2011

Any Old Can Will Do

You really know you are a junker  crafter
When you make something out of an old tin can!
 I just hope I don't become obsessed collecting old cans!
 I used fabric, burlap and buttons on these cans.
I thought they would be cute for a 4th of July table decoration
Yes, I think months ahead sometimes when I am creating something.
 I am actually planting them with sunflower seeds
I have inserted a plastic cup, with a hole in the bottom for drainage.
I hope my idea turns out.
Oh, well if the seeds don't grow, there are always
Faux flowers. . .
I think I will link this up with the Pringle Challenge at
I hope she will let me link more than one. . .
I am still working on the Pringle Can. . .
Come back and see what I have done with it. . K


  1. Oh My Gosh! I wanted to do one with fresh flowers but couldn't think of a way to safely hold water... TA DA! :) These are darling. Thanks for sharing your idea!

    YES! Do all you want! :) Link away girly! :)


  2. Hola Karie, your creations are super lovely!!!
    hugs from Chile

  3. They are so cute! Beautiful and inspiring idea. I want to decorate a tin can and make it into a pen holder for my desk.

  4. Hi Karie... How are you I come to you first time via Diane's blog... and feel very happy to get you... I also have a collection of empty cans and always in search of something new for them... love your can ... going to follow you too...
    I would love if you please peek a little at
    Sure you will find a crafty project of your choice from my library…

  5. Those are delightful! I hope they grow. Tin cans are so versatile dont you think?
    Thanks for dropping by today

  6. Red gingham. I am in love. These are so clever and cute.

  7. Lovely idea with the cans! The blog is so creative! Cant wait to see if it works!


  8. Cute idea, I'm crazy about finding ways to re use things! Thanks for sharing!



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