Monday, April 25, 2011

Appreciation For The Past

I love history and studying the past
Especially the domestic and everyday life.
I like to see the way they lived.
Recently I visited Pipe Springs National Monument
Located along the Utah/Arizona Border.
A very interesting place with the history of the
Paiute Indian Tribe and The Mormon Pioneer heritage.
Lots of pictures!
 Pipe Springs was a life saving stop for the early pioneers
The natural spring provided water. . .
 This is how they lived when they first came here.
 This is a "Mole". They would grind their grain and seeds on this. .
 This is one of the dug-out buildings there.
 A much needed building- - - The Out House.
 The Bunk House.
How would you like to sleep on that bed?

 The place soon became a Fort.
 The inner court of the Fort.
 Inside the living quarters. . .
I am amazed at the beautiful hand-work
That the women did. . . . They made their homes lovely.
 Look at the crocheted lace on this tablecloth and the braided rug.
 A dish towel in the kitchen.
Beautiful Red Work

 A little "toddler bed"
 The cradle
 The Parlor "sofa".
The name of the people over the Fort was Winsor
They called it Winsor Castle.
This cross-stitch sample was made in memory
of the Windsor's little 3 year old daughter who died
Her name was Eliza
The women and men who pioneered this great land
Were hard working people. . . The women especially worked hard
But, they made their homes as lovely as the circumstances would let them.
They also enjoyed beautiful things. . . pretty quilts on the beds,
A crocheted doily and tablecloth, lace curtains, braided rugs.
Even a lovely sampler in memory of a precious little child
It all tells a story. . .
Please do come back I have more to show you. . .K
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