Sunday, April 3, 2011

Great-Grandmother's China Plate

Grandmother's are such a blessing to
A Child.
And to have a Great-Grandmother
Is just that much more special & blessed. . .
I was very fortunate to have both of my
And I had three of my Great-Grandma's
Each one having a special place in my life.
And each one sharing cherished memories with me.
As I child I was particularly close to my
Mother's Grandmother.
Great-Grandma Pickering
 She was beautiful. . . !
She was a gentle little Grandma
She was "little", she wasn't even 5 feet tall. . .
As a little child I liked to sit by her on the couch
because her feet didn't touch the floor, just like mine.
As a child I liked to sit at her kitchen table
And have her homemade bread. . .  toasted
 She taught me how to dunk it in my hot chocolate.
She taught me other things as well.
 This is a china plate that belonged to her.
It is very old and fragile. . .
Great Grandma would be over 130 years old!
I just have one plate. . . . my great-aunt has the set.
 I have very few things that belonged to my
Great-Grandma Pickering
So this china plate is very cherished by me.
Most of all I have cherished memories of my
Great-Grandma Pickering
And I like to think that I inherited some of her
Gentle, Creativity.
She loved her family, and you always knew they
were the most important "things" in her life.
A gentle pat on my little hand let me know
Great-Grandma Pickering loved me!
Did you have a great-grandma?
I hope you will come back again. . . . .K
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  1. Wow! Beautiful is the word!
    Loved each of these pics..thanks for sharing:)


  2. How precious that you have the plate -- and I would treasure it as well.

  3. Hi Karie! OH, what a beautiful plate you have and how special to know it belonged to your grandmother. You've set up a very lovely vignette! I know she'd be proud.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Your plate is beautiful! I had one great-grandmother that I got to know as a child; Mama Wilson. My mother's grandmother. She also was a little woman and a hard-working woman. I still remember the table being set on Sunday and covered with a tablecloth because you didn't do work on Sunday. She had a pie safe she would put desserts in also. Thank you for reminding me of her today!!

  5. How wonderful that you have the plate that belonged to your beloved Great Grandmother. It is truly a beautiful plate and I can tell now much it means to your heart. My Great Grandparents had died before I was born so I never knew them. However, my own parents are 94 and 91 and so my grandsons adore their great grandparents!!! I always notice how tender they are with them and hug easily but meaningful.

  6. Beautiful Karie!

    Thanks so much for stopping by the Back Porch.

  7. SO nice! What a great way to honor your grandmother and her plate. Your setting really sets the plate off.


  8. Thanks for your visit Karie, I so agree about grand mothers..they are the best! Pretty dishes here too! :D

  9. The plate is beautiful but even more important is the sentimental value of it. How wonderful to have something that belonged to your great grandma....Christine

  10. Morning girl...what a beautiful post! I love that precious treasure of your great-grandma...I never knew my greats but I had my two grandmothers that I dearly loved...they lived just up the road from each other as well as alot of my aunts and uncles in a small rural community..I would spend the summers there and always be there for huge Sunday dinners and family holidays and gatherings..I was always so loved and of course you know I was their 'favorite' lol...I could talk to them about anything and I loved just being around them and doing chores and working in the gardens and sitting on the porch and shelling peas and all the farm animals...ohhhhh especially the baby chicks..and sleeping under a mountain of homemade quilts...I truly had the best childhood a girl could ever hope glad to meet you sweetie....thanks so much for coming by....have a great week....Picket

  11. I was blessed to know my great grandparents for a while - they were treasures - What a beautiful tribute to yours - your treasures from her are lovely - she was very beautiful - thank you for sharing this moving post with A Return to Loveliness,

  12. I never knew one of my great grandmothers at all, and the other died right after I was born. I have a picture of her holding me and have always felt very close to her-we shared the same birthday. Your plate is beautiful,it looks so ladylike, just like the photograph of her.

  13. What a beautiful post and way to honor your wonderful grandma ! I love her plate - so delicate ! Thank you for visiting my blog and writing a kind comment !
    Have a happy week !

  14. Stunning plate and so special that it was in the family for so many years.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  15. Ohhhh, so beautiful plate, the family treasures:-)
    Hugs, Biljana

  16. Thanks so much for stopping by my new blog!

    I treasure the pieces that were my grandmother's, too. I especially treasure the pieces that belonged to the ancestors I never had a chance to meet. It somehow gives me a connection to them.

    This plate is really pretty! Thanks for sharing with us.

  17. I did not get to know any of my great's or my grands either. They were long gone by the time I arrived. I had heard wonderful things and was sorry they did not get to meet me..I would have been the little girl they would love best..I'm sure of it..Hugs to all grands and great grands..we love you all..this is a beautiful post..

  18. wow!! wow!! Stunning is the word... Such a gorgeous post!!


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