Saturday, April 30, 2011

High School Jr.Prom Night

Oh, the beauties of youth and the excitement!
It is High School Junior Prom Night
For my oldest granddaughter. .
Princess Baylee
 She is such a beautiful young woman. .
There are two evenings of enchantment that every
young girl dreams of
Her Jr. Prom
And her Wedding Day. . .
 Her dress is gorgeous. . . You can't see in the photo
But the skirt has little black polka dots.
 It is a big night for her and Dakota. .
An evening of enchantment. . .
Never to be forgotten
 They look so handsome as a couple
 His tie and handkerchief match the green in her dress.
 Pinning the boutonniere
 Wrist corsages have made it much easier for the guys!
 So pretty
 The two Grandma's with the Princess
 Baylee has two sets of parents. . .
Mat (my son) and Baylee's Mom, Melanie, (my daughter-in-law)
 Baylee's father, Bruce and his wife, Melinda.
Baylee is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. .
She is just a delight. . . always so happy and cheerful
Wanting to do what is right.
Straight A student. Active in school activities.
Captain of the volleyball team.
Is a dancer, and choreographer.
She is also taking college classes along with her
regular high school classes. ..
I just wonder where the time has gone!

Well, it has been 46 years since my Jr. Prom
And I remember it so well.
Do you remember yours?


  1. Lovely couple! Your Granddaughter is a beautiful young lady! Wish her the best night ever!


  2. Oh she truly is stunning. Such a beautiful dress and they're such a cute couple. Yes, time sure does fly. Hugs, Marty

  3. You Granddaughter is so beautiful. Isn't it wonderful when the inside matches the outside. I know you are so proud of her. She is blessed to have so many adults to fill her life with love and caring. It shows in her accomplishments.
    Thank you for visiting my garden. I didn't get rid of the cast but he promised one more week.
    Hugs, Ginger


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