Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Pringles Challenge

Hello, Hello
Oh, the sun has been shining where I live.
Thank you, thank you for sunshine!
I just had to take the Challenge. . .
To Decorate a Pringles can.
For some odd reason, I like to decorate
Old discarded things and tin cans and
Pringles Cans are my favorite.
I know just another little oddity about me.
Believe me there are many!
Cute little Rose Vignette gave the challenge
And I wanted to join in.
Here is what I come up with.. . .

 Fabric is like paint---it will cover anything
 Lots of ribbon and lace
 And if you don't have a crocheted rosette- - make it!
Just another frilly little thing to put
precious things in. . .
Nothing fancy, just frills.
Oh, and I love frills. . .
Hope you enjoy. . .and hope you are having
Sunshine wherever you may be.
Please do come back again. . . .K


  1. This is too cute. What kind of treasures are you going to put in there?

  2. Wow Karie! That is so cool! Hard to believe that this was once a Pringles can! Who would have thought! awesome!


  3. Very Sweet! Thanks for posting and sharing! :)



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