Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thrifting for Tea Cups

Well, since I have found a new collecting obsession
I am always on the look out for tea cups. . .
Especially the dainty ones.
They are hard to find at thrift stores
Anyway, I have found it hard to find them.
Usually I can find the saucer, but not the cup
I think it is because the cup is so delicate and is
easily broken. . .
I found one the other day at DI
Oh, my heart was pounding!
Yep, that is what happens to me when I spot
something I really want.
(it is the thrill of the hunt, I tell ya)
 Here she is. . in perfect condition
Just as dainty and pretty as could be.
She only cost me $5. Not bad for such a pretty little thing.
I have no idea what the marking are. 
Just thought I would show you.

 I did find a few other little treasures that day.

 50 cents for this bud-vase.
 And of course I never pass up salt and pepper shakers.
I thought these were pretty. Only $1. for both.
 The little creamer was also a dainty little things.
It says it is made in Romania.
Needless to say I like it.
But my treasure find of the day is definitely this
Tea Cup and Saucer.
Gradually my collection is growing.
There are some of them that I will keep.
Some will go the Granddaughters.
And some will go to special family members.
I have three nieces, that I would like to give some to.
I hope you are finding treasures also.

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  1. Lovely new treasure. You're going to really enjoy designing tea parties for friends and family with your wonderful little jewels. Cherry Kay

  2. Karen, that is just gorgeous and in such great condition, and of course I adore the purple color! I am from Orem so it is nice to meet you! I am off to see your Pioneer Table.

  3. Hi Karie, First of all, thank you so much for stopping by my blog! :) I do believe your new tea cup and saucer would go on my lilac tablecloth quite nicely. :) I used to collect cups and saucers but haven't added any in awhile. I picked one up in different cities we were in.


  4. Such sweet treasures. I love teacups!

  5. I'm glad you found the pretty cup and saucer you were looking for! The hunt itself can be so much fun. What will top your "look for" list now?

  6. You had a very successful day at the thrift store. I enjoyed visiting your blog and see the things that make you happy. I like the cup and saucer as well as the creamer.

  7. What a find! Wonderful! I collect old teacups myself and this is definitely a winner! Love teh colours!


  8. Kari: Thank you for stopping by and entering the Mother's Day Giveaway. Good Luck...You have some wonderful treasures...Blessings, Tiff
    Please keep all those in Alabama who were affected by the devastating tragedies! Fortunately, our area of AL had no damage. Tiff

  9. I love all your new treasure Karie! But, that swoon worthy! It is beautiful! Thank you for joining TTF. Have a great weekend!

  10. You did find some lovely things! The teacup is a winner!

  11. You did good! I am also always looking for a tea cup and saucer like that and I hardly ever see one. I passed on a Limoges one a month or two ago, because it was $12 and I went back a few days later and it was gone. Your tea cup is very pretty! Thanks for linking it up!

  12. Love the color of the flowers in that teacup and saucer, Karie! I found two small ones once each with a nice floral, both intact {which I couldn't believe at Goodwill}. I got them to make pincushions, but I've been having a hard time deciding on fabrics to use, so they sit out waiting for me. I get to enjoy looking at them though! Love the salt and pepper shakers, too. They look almost like a transferware pattern on them.

  13. Great finds! I love the teacups! I love the hunt too. It is so addictive.


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