Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A True Tea Cup Collector

Well, I have turned into a true
Tea Cup Collector. . .
I have always loved Tea Cups.
(not a tea or coffee drinker)
I love them for their beauty. . .
They are so delicate
And so pretty.
I have some that have sentimental
value to me and I adore them.
Now, I want more. .
Oh, good grief I shouldn't be collecting
Another thing
But, my whole idea behind this
Collecting of Tea Cups is
My Granddaughters!
I will give them as gifts to my Granddaughters. .
So here are a couple I recently purchased from E-bay

 So pretty
I want my Granddaughters to have
Something to Remember Me By.
The doily was crocheted by me a few years ago.

I am hooking this up to Martha at


  1. And these are 2 beauties that you added to your collection!!


  2. Hi. Your teacups are beautiful. Your Blog is very pretty, also! Thank you for leaving me a comment. Sunny109

  3. These are two lovely tea cups. What a great start to your collection. Someday your granddaughters will be thrilled to have them.
    Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

  4. Your teacups are very pretty but I am also impressed by your crocheted doily. I like to crochet too and this one is very nice. Thank you for stopping by to visit me and leaving such a nice comment. See you soon.

  5. Beautiful teacups! I think of teacups as little works of art and history. My three year old loves to look at them and see all the details.

  6. What wonderful teacups! I have a few myself, mostly because I love tea and fine china, but yours are exqcuisite! Im sure that your Granddaughters will remember you even without teacups. Theyre lucky to have such a cool Grandma, but we can talk about that in a 100 years, not now LOL Wonderful crochet too!


  7. the teacups are relly beautiful!! thank you for sharing.

  8. Hi: I love your new tea cups. They are so pretty. It is so much fun collecting tea cups. I need to stop, but have a hard time. There are some amazing cups out there. Thank you for sharing your new treasures. Blessings, Martha


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