Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy To Have Flowers

The weather here in Utah has been very STRANGE!
It is the First day of JUNE
The early summer flowers should be in full bloom. .
They are just beginning to bud!
Mother Nature has really played tricks on us
We live in the Desert!
We have had constant rain . . . . not the usual desert weather!
No Worries. ..
The flowers some how always show their beauty!
In my little part of the world I found some
Beautiful Flowers. .

The Iris are in bloom
 And this large beautiful Peony is in bloom
The peony still has some tight buds. . . but with the
Warm days ahead they will show their beauty. . .
 One of my favorites is the cute little Pansie
Who doesn't love the little Pansie Face. .
I can just see the personality . . .

My friend has a rocking chair all in bloom!
I will show you more of her garden later.
Are you seeing Mother Nature's Bouquet?
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Just as I promised I want to share with you
A Secret!
Nestled in my Aunt's Garden. . .
Just beyond the stone covered path . .
 Lies a stone with a
Beautiful Secret. .
 My Grandmother's Image 
Carved In Stone. . . .
My Great-Uncle, My Grandmother's brother
Carved the image of my Grandma.  . . 46 years ago.
My Grandma died of cancer. .
 My Great-Uncle
 Saw the beautiful young girl she once was
Resting peacefully from her long journey of life..

 I ask you,
What is in a Rock, A Stone, A Pebble?

A Secret
 A beautiful Secret. . . .

Please do come back again. . . K

Monday, May 30, 2011

What Is In A Rock?

If you have followed my blog in the last
few days, you know that I
found some "rocks" at the thrift store
And I bought them. . . .
I have gotten a lot of flack about my
Rock purchase. . (mainly my kids).
But, just stop and think about it. .
What is in a Rock?
Well, a number of precious gems come into mind
Diamonds, Emeralds, Sapphires, Rubies. .
Just to name a few. . .And
There are lots of other things that come from or
Made from Rocks. . .
It is said . . . .
 The Wise Man Builds His House Upon the Rock. . .
 My Great-Grandpa built his home with Rocks. . .
 The Rocks come from the mountains that surround
this quaint little town I grew up in. . .
 My Great Grandpa and his brother, my Great-Great Uncle
Built this little HOME with their own hands. . . they used
The materials that surrounded the area in which it stands. . .
 It is a cute little quaint home. . . with lots of sweet memories.
It is still in the family. . .My Aunt owns the home. .
It is not "just a house" it is a HOME. . .
It has been filled with the laughter of children. . .
The smell of good home cooking. .
The cleanliness of a meticulous homemaker.
Family gatherings have filled the air with cheerful conversations.
Children have played on the well kept grass. .
Flowers adorned the garden
The table was always filled with vegetables and fruit
Grown from the well tended garden.
Most of all families and friends were cherished
And welcomed in this quaint little house built with Rocks. .
A Firm Foundation of
Love, Respect, Honor and 
Strong Christian Values
 If the walls could talk. . . oh what stories they could tell. .
There is a comforting spirit that is within this little home. .
Even though the main characters are gone
Their spirits still linger. . .
When I walk through the rooms I can still see the
Adorable little couple that made my childhood happy.
Tomorrow I will take you to the garden. .
I want to show you something
Unbelievable that is in a Rock
See you tomorrow. . .K
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Adding Soft Blue Loveliness

Today I have been adding some of the
Finishing touches to the wall grouping
I recently created. .
I am sure you remember my Blue Shelf.
Well today, I added a picture
And some other things to the frames.
I ordered this picture from AllPoster and it come today.
 I am very pleased with it. . .
Adds to the soft loveliness I wanted to create.
 I have other prints coming to put in some of the other frames.
Some frames I will leave empty.
 A close up of the other side of the grouping.
Look at that gorgeous piece in the round frame. .
It isn't crocheted. . . It is Tatting. . .and No, I didn't do it.
I found it at the thrift store for 50 cents!
I have never been able to master tatting. . .Maybe someday.
There you have it. . my little piece of Blue and White
Soft Loveliness. .
Now, I am off to do more decorating and changing.
I have a sewing project that I want to get to also.
I hope you will come back again. . . .K
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thrifting Rocks

There have been a few times when
Out scouring for treasures, I have thought
I had rocks in my head. . . .
Well, this time I really did have
ROCKS in my head!
Let me begin this story with this little
Preface. . .(or whatever)
It all began with this rock
 While in Southern Utah over Easter
I went in a cute little Rock Shop
And I spied these rocks in the shape of an egg. . .
I wanted to give my girls something for Easter
And what a perfect gift, a Rock Easter Egg.
 So I purchased one for me and the girls. . .
Then I saw a blog that showed these beautiful Rock Eggs
That the blogger had collected for many years. . .
Well, I thought that is a great idea. . . I will buy a Rock Egg
Each year for Easter for my girls. . .and me. . .Perfect!
 So........ What do you think happened when I came upon
This Treasure Trove at the DI (thrift store)?
Oh, did my heart start racing or what?
 Oh, my gosh!
Oh, but I can't buy all these ROCKS!
 I actually waited a day. . .They say
If you go back and it is still there. . . it is meant to be yours.
Ya, that is what "they" say. . .
 I raced back the next morning and there they were
Waiting for me. . .
Oh, I just love my ROCKS. .
 I think I know what a few of them are.
 But, I will have to research and find out what kind of
Rocks I have.
 I think I have 
 Turquoise, Amethyst, Opal, Topaz
 I will figure out a way to display them. . .
This is better than some plastic/ceramic Easter Egg. .
These are true gems.
Oh, I don't care what they are,
 I like them
And that is what counts when in search of treasures.
So this is my Thrifty Find for this week. . .
I really do have ROCKS in my head, and my house!
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Monday, May 23, 2011

Blue Shelf

Oh, I am so happy with my shelf!
I changed the color and what a difference it made.
It use to look like this. . .
 But, now it is a beautiful BLUE
And I love it. . .
 This is more my style. . . Much softer, more feminine.
I don't know what I was thinking,
Painting the shelf and frames Black. . .
I must have gotten caught up in the black graze that was happening.
 It has completely changed the feeling of my living room....
I painted the shelf Faded Ink, by Martha Stewart
Then I antiqued it with Min Wax Stain, Provincial
I change the decorations on this shelf frequently.
I wanted to show you the WHOLE wall, but I am not
Finished with all of the frame grouping.
But, I couldn't wait to show you the shelf.
I am so happy with how it turned out.
I will be doing a lot of painting. . .
I am changing the color of some of my other pieces
Of Furniture. . . and accessories. ..
I am going with more of a softer, calmer, romantic look.
Come back to see more. . . .K
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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pink Saturday

I just can't miss Beverly's
It is so fun to link up with others who love the color
I have always loved  PINK
And since I started joining 
I am always on the look out for PINK
So here is my week in pink. . .
 PINK Linen Napkins found at the thrift store.
 A PINK doily I crocheted.
 PINK fabric I recently bought.
A beautiful Pink Broach I have.
Oh, here you have it for this week.
Happy Pink Saturday to you. . .
. . . . K

Finding Beauty and Loveliness

I wanted to find
 Beauty and Loveliness
I set out on a quiet journey. . .no one but myself
I was determined to find beauty everywhere. .
And I did. . .
 Each moment has it own beauty
 Which has never been seen before
And will never be seen again. Ralph Waldo Emerson
 I found beauty in the mountains that surround me. .
And the valley in which I live. .
The azure sky above me
The white to grey clouds that loom over my head. .
 I found beauty in the lost and forgotten
And in that which is well taken care of. . .
 I found beauty in the colors that nature so gladly shares. .
From the gray of the clouds,
To the brightness of the lavender Lilac. . .
The green of the grass, and the abundance of blossoms
All gave me spectacular splendor 

The quiet softness of the beauty that I found today
Lifted my spirits and comforted my soul. . . .

Krazy Karie

Oh, Yes, I am Krazy. . .
Do you ever feel this way?
I feel like screaming!
Too much to do. . .
Too tired. .
Too stressed. .
Overwhelmed . . .
Anxiety. .
Allergies are driving me Krazy. . .
Everything is driving me KRAZY. .
Just call me Krazy Karie. . . .
I'll be back later with a much more positive message.
I promise this is only temporary. . .(I think)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Beautiful Brooches

Recently I was going through one of my
Jewelry boxes and I come across some of the brooches
I have collected over the years. . .
Oh, how pretty they are to me.
It is a shame they are tucked in the jewelry box
I do wear them as often as I can. . .
But, I thought I would share some with you.  .
 These are the ones that are really old. .
I think they probably belonged to my Grandma
 They are just so pretty. .  I need to wear them more often.
 I think I might display them on a pretty china plate. .
Martha at Martha's Favorites displays brooches
with her tea cups when she blogs.
I think I will do that  sometimes.
  I am sure I will share more with you.
I just love beautiful things. . .whether it is for my home,
Or for ME, I like pretty things.
Oh, I am a Jewelry person. . .. I love all kinds.
I have a few that are really special to me, and I want
To blog about them. . . another day.
Do you have any brooches?
And do you wear them?