Friday, May 20, 2011

Beautiful Brooches

Recently I was going through one of my
Jewelry boxes and I come across some of the brooches
I have collected over the years. . .
Oh, how pretty they are to me.
It is a shame they are tucked in the jewelry box
I do wear them as often as I can. . .
But, I thought I would share some with you.  .
 These are the ones that are really old. .
I think they probably belonged to my Grandma
 They are just so pretty. .  I need to wear them more often.
 I think I might display them on a pretty china plate. .
Martha at Martha's Favorites displays brooches
with her tea cups when she blogs.
I think I will do that  sometimes.
  I am sure I will share more with you.
I just love beautiful things. . .whether it is for my home,
Or for ME, I like pretty things.
Oh, I am a Jewelry person. . .. I love all kinds.
I have a few that are really special to me, and I want
To blog about them. . . another day.
Do you have any brooches?
And do you wear them?


  1. those are gorgeous! you should definitely display them in some way, like clipped to simple fabric and put in a frame. i can pictures something like that-i'm sure i've seen it in blogland!

  2. These are lovely! I have some that once belonged to my Grandmother. They are all very special to me too! You have some stunning pieces, I cant wait to see more! :)


  3. Your brooches are exquisite, Karie! I love brooches! I don't know why I forget to use them. Oh and you can come visit me and my garden anytime....Christine


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