Friday, May 20, 2011

Beautiful Brooches

Recently I was going through one of my
Jewelry boxes and I come across some of the brooches
I have collected over the years. . .
Oh, how pretty they are to me.
It is a shame they are tucked in the jewelry box
I do wear them as often as I can. . .
But, I thought I would share some with you.  .
 These are the ones that are really old. .
I think they probably belonged to my Grandma
 They are just so pretty. .  I need to wear them more often.
 I think I might display them on a pretty china plate. .
Martha at Martha's Favorites displays brooches
with her tea cups when she blogs.
I think I will do that  sometimes.
  I am sure I will share more with you.
I just love beautiful things. . .whether it is for my home,
Or for ME, I like pretty things.
Oh, I am a Jewelry person. . .. I love all kinds.
I have a few that are really special to me, and I want
To blog about them. . . another day.
Do you have any brooches?
And do you wear them?