Monday, May 9, 2011

Bee Tea Cup

Recently on a shopping trip
I found this cute tea cup and saucer
I bought this tea cup
 because I like it. . .
It isn't made by a fancy designer
Just a plain old "made in China"
 Oh, it isn't vintage, nor is it a collectible.
 Just a cute tea cup to add to my collection
I call it the Bee Tea Cup
It has Bees on it and inside the cup.
It is colorful and it reminds me of a
Spring Time Tea Party.
It may not be vintage nor a collectible now
But someday it will be. . .
My Grandmother's Tea Cup wasn't vintage nor collectible
When she bought hers. . .
It is with time and making memories that this
Tea Cup will become
Vintage and Collectible.
Remember NO tea or coffee for me
Hot Chocolate is fine.
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