Sunday, May 15, 2011

Collecting Runs In The Family!

I must confess, I am a collector!
Yep, I love pretty things, and I love to have "stuff"
Oh, I am selective. . . .just certain things catch my eye.
And let me tell you, when it does, there is no holding me back
I want it and I want lots of it!
But, no worries I come by it naturally. . .
It runs in the FAMILY. . . .
 I spent 4 days last week with my
Great-Aunt Colleen
She is my Grandma Dot's sister. . .
She has most of the family heirlooms and a lot of her own
This tea-pot, sugar bowl, and tea cup and saucer
Belonged to my Great-Great-Grandma Susanna Pickering.
She had a huge collection of tea cups and saucers. . .
But, we don't know where they all went.
When Susanna died my great-grandparents only inherited
 This beautiful set.  I just hope who ever has the collection
Takes very good care of it and treasures it!
 This is only a fraction of the "carnival glass" my Great-Aunt
Has collected over the years.
When the morning sun shines through the windows. . . 
These pieces of glass look gorgeous. .
My photography couldn't capture the true beautify of it.
 Great-Auntie also collects Salt and Pepper Shakers...
She has several salt and pepper shakers
That belonged to my Great-Great-Aunt Tabitha (Aunt Bi)
 Great-Great Aunt Bi had a huge collection. . .
 These are only two sets that Aunt Colleen has.
I even have a set. . .  Yep, Aunt Bi's daughter gave several
of the nieces a set of Aunt Bi's
Salt and Pepper Shakers.
(Aunt Bi collected these in the early 1900's)
 This little turtle set is one of Aunt Colleen's
I thought they were so cute!
Oh, there is so much more. . . to the collection
And more Collections.
Tomorrow I will show you a few of the tea cups
And also the beautiful paintings Aunt Colleen has done.
Now can you see why I say
 It runs in the family.
This is how we all are. . .  we love beauty. . .
Very selective in collecting, but we do collect and we
Want lots of it!
Be sure to come back. . . .K
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  1. I love the turtle S and P! SO cute!!! Your Aunt has a beautiful collection. Thanks so much for coming by my blog....please come back again! XO, Pinky

  2. What a wonderful collection, that of the S&P shakers!, the turtles are adorable! I do hope you inherit something from your great aunt! I'm also a collector, I collect dogs figurines, porcelain, bronce, vintage and new...I'm trying to find all dog races in the world...I'm so ambicious! I collect china sets too, tureens, cake plates with stands, tablecloths and who knows what else! Don't you just love it! Like you said, I like good stuff, not junk for the sake of collecting. I loved your story and this post. Thanks for sharing. I'm at MM, at, BNOTP.

  3. Love your Auntie Colleen. Collecting definitely is an inherited art and/or disease. But oh what joy she must have experienced finding each one of her salt and pepper treasures. What a legacy. Thanks for sharing. ~CJ

  4. Such a neat collection of s & p shakers. Looking forward to seeing the tea cups.

    - The Tablescaper

  5. Ohhhh Karie. . . the teapot, sugar bowl, and teacup are beautiful!!!! What a treasure. I really enjoyed seeing those pieces of your collection. Can't wait to see more!


  6. I think we all collect something or other and it was nice to see your featured collections.
    The china tea set is a real treaure.

  7. Beautiful collection. Just love your turtle s -n- p...adorable! Visiting from the Return to Loveliness party. Hope your week is wonderful!

  8. This is so very lovely. Love that you have shared your passion for collecting and how it runs in your family - thank you for sharing this with A Return to Loveliness,
    God Bless,


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