Saturday, May 14, 2011

Furniture Sale/Glad to be Home

It is really true. . .
There Is No Place Like Home!
After being away for 4 days I was ready to head for home.
I had a great time with my Great-Aunt and my 2 Cousins.
Loved seeing everyone at the Furniture Yard Sale.
But, it was time to head for home.
I missed my bed, my chair, my t.v. my computer
And most of all I missed my children and grands.
The Furniture Yard Sale was a success.
I sold everything that I brought. . .
Nothing fancy, just "stuff" I no longer wanted. .
Most of the furniture was sold.
The pictures gives you an idea of what they sell. .
(Lots of pictures)

 They will paint any color you want.

 Ask them to look for something you'd like
They are all over, and they will try to find it for you.

 Even Vintage furniture left natural. . .
 Love the vintage buttons. . . I will be posting about Cathie
She has Lots of vintage things. .

 This is my Great-Aunt Colleen.
She is the master-mind behind the painted furniture. .
She taught me over 48 years ago, how to paint and
antique furniture.
I will have another post showing you some of her "stuff"
You will know where I get the collecting bug from!
 My cousin Janie, taking a break from the madness. . .
She is the creative brains behind the whole project.
And Ron, he is the Master Doer. . . Whatever needs to be done
He will do it.  He can do about anything. . .
I am sorry to say this was the LAST Furniture Yard Sale. . .
They are going to sell online, through the Blog.
They will continue to find the furniture, and re-do it.
Janie will post the pieces on their blog.
I am going to miss the yard sale. . . it is fun to meet new people
And there are a lot of returning customers.
It has been a great activity. . . .
But it requires a lot of space to store the furniture and
It is a lot of work to transport it. . . So. . . .
Be sure to visit their blog often . . .
Come back so I can show you my Aunt's house. .
Oh, she has some treasures!
I am linking to. . .
Cherished Treasures/Sunday Blog Love


  1. WOW!! That looks like a blast. SO much gorgeous furniture all in one place. Awesome!

  2. They sure have some good things there..and I know it is a lot of work too...but yes, no place like home! :D

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  4. Karie, It was so delightful to meet you and make a new friend at the sale! Thanks much, too, for your sweet comment on my blog. Your buttons are with Janie, bunches of BIG ones. Take a peek at my blog again - hope you like my newest entry! Hugs, Cathie

  5. That is too cute! Wonderful way to do what is creative!



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