Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy To Have Flowers

The weather here in Utah has been very STRANGE!
It is the First day of JUNE
The early summer flowers should be in full bloom. .
They are just beginning to bud!
Mother Nature has really played tricks on us
We live in the Desert!
We have had constant rain . . . . not the usual desert weather!
No Worries. ..
The flowers some how always show their beauty!
In my little part of the world I found some
Beautiful Flowers. .

The Iris are in bloom
 And this large beautiful Peony is in bloom
The peony still has some tight buds. . . but with the
Warm days ahead they will show their beauty. . .
 One of my favorites is the cute little Pansie
Who doesn't love the little Pansie Face. .
I can just see the personality . . .

My friend has a rocking chair all in bloom!
I will show you more of her garden later.
Are you seeing Mother Nature's Bouquet?
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  1. I hear you on the weird weather, and too funny but I just posted after you about our Rhodies..guess it's flowers on the brain this week! btw love your post

  2. Your peonies are gorgeous, Karie. I think they are one of the prettiest flowers around...Christine

  3. Wish we had some rain! It is 98 degrees today and humid! Need to go out to water! Love your Peonies and adore pansies - they're the garden's happy faces. Thank you for sharing your lovely garden with A Return to Loveliness,
    God Bless,

  4. I had a great windy day today! But I happen to like that! haha! I love your flowers, nature is awesome!


  5. It is beautiful collection and looks very attractive to keep in dinning room. Flowers are painting of nature with full of colours.
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