Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Little Bit of This and That

Just a few little things to show,
Some of This and some of That
I am in kind of a "funk" with showing you new
Things in my home and my patio. . .
You see, it is rainy and cold here.
The weather won't give me very many days in a row
When it is warm enough for me to paint. . . and plant. . .
My patio isn't even decorated.
Too cold and rainy.
But, I keep doing things on the inside. . .
I know you get tired of seeing the same old thing from me

Well, here is my "black" shelf re-decorated.
It gets changed quite often. . .
 It is going to get a whole new look
(as soon as I can paint outside)
I am so tired of black. . .  at first I liked it. . .
But, my taste has really changed in the last year.
And Black is not part of my style. . .
To tell you the truth I don't know what my style is!
I think it is a Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That
 My little May Precious Moment is a pretty
Little This. . .
 The Bird Houses are part of the "Bit of That"
Love my DI Birds. . .
 I like my Bird Cage. . . filled with pink faux berries. .
Never a bird. . . Oh, no! Birds are not to be caged. . .
They are to be free!
 Here is another little Precious Moment. . .
Speaking of  "precious moments". . . .
 This is what I found on my bed after my "precious" granddaughter
Had left  last night. . . (she had dinner with me).
My pillows had post-it notes all over. .. .
 They all said;
"Grandma Rules, Rocks and is Cute!
Love, Secret Admire"
Now if that doesn''t make a lonely old Grandma smile. .
How sweet is that?
Well, there you have it. . . a little bit of This and That!
I really don't know what color to paint my shelf
My walls are a dreadful "off-white".
How would a pastel pinkish color be? Or a pastel turquoise blue?
And the picture frames will all have to be painted.
How about various pastel colors for the frames?
What do you think?
I would really like your opinion. ..

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