Friday, May 6, 2011

My Grandmother's

This is a tribute to my
Dot and Hattie
Oh what a blessing they have been in my life.
A treasure beyond measure
My Grandmother's
I will begin with my Paternal Grandmother
Harriet (Hattie) Daniels Daley
 My Granny as she was lovingly called by me
and many of my cousins
Was a very soft spoken, shy lady
She and my Papa raised 9 children!
And my Granny was very proud of her nine children. . .
My Granny and Papa's 50th Wedding Anniversary
As you can see two of my Granny's sons are in wheelchairs.
A very difficult thing for my Granny and Papa
My Uncle Roy was injured when he was just  17 years old
My Dad, was injured in an automobile accident
When he was 29 years old
My mother was killed and my Dad survived.
My Dad is on the left next to my Granny.
My Granny taught me about being a devoted mother and wife.
Her children and husband was the center of her life.
She has 36 grandchildren. . .
I am number 6.
I spent countless hours with my Granny . . . .
she taught me so much.

And now my Angel Grandmother
Nelda Eileen (Dot) Pickering Beddoes 
My mother's mother. . .  My Grandma Dot
 She was everything. . .
She was beautiful, talented, humble, gentle, soft-spoken,
A true lady. . .
 She taught me how to be strong, how to endure life's harsh bite.
How to find beauty in everything.
How to be happy and cheerful
And most of all how to love
Her gentleness and strength was beyond anything I could imagine.
She was only 32 years old when my Grandpa died.
She raised her 4 children alone. . .
And then she raised her 2 grandchildren.
Me and my brother.
I can't imagine the pain and sorrow she felt
When my mother so tragically died.
Grandma Dot stepped in and took me and my brother
Into her home and helped heal our broken hearts. .
It was her that spent countless hours hold our hand
Comforting our little souls and reassuring us
That we were loved and we were cared for and cherished.
It was Grandma Dot that taught me about life and love
And losing and surviving. . .
Grandma Dot died on my 17th Birthday
At the young age of 59.
My heart was broken, who would ever take care of me
like my Grandma Dot. . .

Oh, if I only I had the strength and the endurance of
My Grandmother's
Happy Mother's Day
Dot and Hattie you are
Forever Mine. . .

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  1. I loved reading your tribute this morning. I could only think of the line "it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." You are so fortunate to have known your Grandmother's and I bet you are are a strong woman also. I never knew my Grandmothers, both died way before I was born. I did have two Grandpa's but was not close to either. My Mother died when I was 16, it was harsh. I missed out on a lot of things but I know it made me strong and made me able to give my two grandaughters what I never had, do the things I would have liked done for me. Your tribute was beautiful and so is your blog.


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