Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Motherhood

As I write this post today
The tears of joy and some sadness fills my soul
I have been so blessed in my life.
As a young child losing my mother was one of the hardest
Challenges I ever faced. . . . tears filled my pillow at night
Crying for her and feeling such profound lose. . .
I still shed tears because I  miss her so much. .
 I never had the opportunity to share my life with her. .
My childhood was lonely without her.
Throughout my teenage years I was lost without her presence.
When I was a young woman I missed not having her with me
When I graduated, married, gave birth to my babies.
I missed shopping trips, girl talk, friendship, companionship
That only a Mother can give.
 This is the only picture of my Mom and Dad together.
She died when I was 7 years old. . .
Somehow things work out. . . and I have been blessed
To be a Mom
 And this is my Wild Bunch. . .
What a great experience it has been!

All I ever wanted was to be a Wife and a Mom

Even though I no long have my hubby in this life. .
I have my four children. . .
(and now their children)
Mathew, Emily, Blake and Mark. . .
You are my universe, you are the bright shining stars
that fills my life. . .  You are my best friends, and my angels.
Where you are is where I want to be.
I loved being home with you when you were young.
I never aspired to a career outside of my home.
I never wanted the acclaim of the world, , , , I just wanted
My children.
 Nothing in this world
Matters, only you!
You are my Crowning Jewels
And you are mine


  1. What a heart warming tale! This will always be deep in your heart, and its so important that you shared this! The ones we lost will always be in our hearts. You have a beautiful family and I wish you the best Mother's day!


  2. Bless your heart and may you have the best day ever, I am sending you the best of thoughts!

  3. This is such a beautiful post! I'm so glad you shared it with us.. something so close to your heart. We always carry our parents in our hearts through our thoughts and memories... whenever you want she will always be there with you. I lost my dad recently so I understand. You have a beautiful family and you create new memories with them. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day. I'm your newest follower now and I'm so glad you visited me and for your sweet comment.~Poppy

  4. What a sweet and touching story. I read somewhere recently that death is a reminder to us to LIVE. And that is really what you have done. You have a lovely family.


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