Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Season's Own Beauty

Each season has it's own beauty.
But, it seems to me as I get older that
Spring grows more beautiful each new year.
She brings such loveliness. . .
I have been waiting for so long for dear sweet
Spring to arrive. . .
Could it be because the springtime of my life has passed. . .
I now appreciate the arrival of spring much more?
 Mother Nature is getting ready to celebrate
 Even the desert shows how beautiful she is
Blooms of beauty arrive amid the barren parched landscape
 Oh, truly there is a "Time and a Season"
For all things. . . 
"Nature gives to every time and season
some beauties of it's own" Charles Dickens
Ralph Waldo Emerson has said,
"Each moment of life has its own beauty. . . .
a picture which has never been seen before
and which shall never be seen again."

Oh, I will wrap myself in her beauty, and her loveliness
I won't close my eyes for fear she will leave
My Dear Sweet Spring. . .
Please don't pass me by.

I love your visits. . .please come back soon. ..  .K

A post note: Ah, my friend Kasia  at Chatelet reminds me that
we always have Spring within us. . . it is like changing
a dress for a different dance. .
Mmm, I like  that thought. . .

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  1. Lovely theme and beautiful pictures... We have spring within us as long as we take joy in life... Its like switching a dress for a different ball. :)


  2. Hi Kari! These are beautiful shots! You should link up for Fresh-Cut Friday!!! :)


  3. AWE! Thank you for for linking up your pretty pictures to Fresh-Cut Friday and adding my little button! :) I really appreciate it!! :)

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day!! :)


  4. That is a beautiful spring post. Thanks for linking it up!

  5. Lovely pictures. Have a wonderful week.


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