Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thrifting Rocks

There have been a few times when
Out scouring for treasures, I have thought
I had rocks in my head. . . .
Well, this time I really did have
ROCKS in my head!
Let me begin this story with this little
Preface. . .(or whatever)
It all began with this rock
 While in Southern Utah over Easter
I went in a cute little Rock Shop
And I spied these rocks in the shape of an egg. . .
I wanted to give my girls something for Easter
And what a perfect gift, a Rock Easter Egg.
 So I purchased one for me and the girls. . .
Then I saw a blog that showed these beautiful Rock Eggs
That the blogger had collected for many years. . .
Well, I thought that is a great idea. . . I will buy a Rock Egg
Each year for Easter for my girls. . .and me. . .Perfect!
 So........ What do you think happened when I came upon
This Treasure Trove at the DI (thrift store)?
Oh, did my heart start racing or what?
 Oh, my gosh!
Oh, but I can't buy all these ROCKS!
 I actually waited a day. . .They say
If you go back and it is still there. . . it is meant to be yours.
Ya, that is what "they" say. . .
 I raced back the next morning and there they were
Waiting for me. . .
Oh, I just love my ROCKS. .
 I think I know what a few of them are.
 But, I will have to research and find out what kind of
Rocks I have.
 I think I have 
 Turquoise, Amethyst, Opal, Topaz
 I will figure out a way to display them. . .
This is better than some plastic/ceramic Easter Egg. .
These are true gems.
Oh, I don't care what they are,
 I like them
And that is what counts when in search of treasures.
So this is my Thrifty Find for this week. . .
I really do have ROCKS in my head, and my house!
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