Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thrifting Rocks

There have been a few times when
Out scouring for treasures, I have thought
I had rocks in my head. . . .
Well, this time I really did have
ROCKS in my head!
Let me begin this story with this little
Preface. . .(or whatever)
It all began with this rock
 While in Southern Utah over Easter
I went in a cute little Rock Shop
And I spied these rocks in the shape of an egg. . .
I wanted to give my girls something for Easter
And what a perfect gift, a Rock Easter Egg.
 So I purchased one for me and the girls. . .
Then I saw a blog that showed these beautiful Rock Eggs
That the blogger had collected for many years. . .
Well, I thought that is a great idea. . . I will buy a Rock Egg
Each year for Easter for my girls. . .and me. . .Perfect!
 So........ What do you think happened when I came upon
This Treasure Trove at the DI (thrift store)?
Oh, did my heart start racing or what?
 Oh, my gosh!
Oh, but I can't buy all these ROCKS!
 I actually waited a day. . .They say
If you go back and it is still there. . . it is meant to be yours.
Ya, that is what "they" say. . .
 I raced back the next morning and there they were
Waiting for me. . .
Oh, I just love my ROCKS. .
 I think I know what a few of them are.
 But, I will have to research and find out what kind of
Rocks I have.
 I think I have 
 Turquoise, Amethyst, Opal, Topaz
 I will figure out a way to display them. . .
This is better than some plastic/ceramic Easter Egg. .
These are true gems.
Oh, I don't care what they are,
 I like them
And that is what counts when in search of treasures.
So this is my Thrifty Find for this week. . .
I really do have ROCKS in my head, and my house!
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  1. How GREAT that you found them at a good deal!!!! Better to find them at a thrift store than pay full retail! Thank you for stopping by to visit my blog & leave your sweet comment about my post on the vintage trailers! Hope you'll come back! Enjoy your rocks they are so pretty

  2. I love your rock eggs! I have some that are very similar, that came from Brazil. I display mine every Easter.

  3. I just love polished rock..the smoothness of them is wonderful. These are really pretty! :D

  4. ohhh pretty! I have one like that! i have no idea wat it is, or who gave it to me, but I love it! The sun shines so sweetly through it! And its stripey! What great buys!


  5. They are so pretty, they were meant to be yours. Thanks so much for visiting.

  6. They are so beautiful! What a very cool idea, too! My daughter always loved rocks -- she would've loved these! I will have to do for my grandkids one day instead. :)

    So happy I found your blog! I'm now following you!

  7. Well, I think your rock eggs are just beautiful Karie! And what a great find. I am so glad you raced back to DI and were able to get them. Thank you for joining TTF and I hope you and your famiy have a wonderful Memorial Day!

  8. My mom use to collect these little rock eggs! They are so pretty. I will have to ask her if she still has them. Thanx for stopping by earlier!

  9. I love collecting rocks. I know I'm a weirdo.



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