Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Time For Treasure Hunting

I am super busy with a couple of painting projects.
(I will show you when they are finished)
But, there is always time to check out
The Thrift Store. .
Just to see what others are getting rid of! 
I found a few little treasures,
Nothing spectacular, I am sure I could have lived without
But, hey what's a person to do?
If I walk past it and it calls my name,
I have to go to the rescue. . .
 I couldn't pass up this frame. . .
 I know it looks dirty, but it isn't. . . it has some kind of finish
That makes it look that way. . . the sad thing is
It still had the picture of the couple in it.
How can people give frames to the thrift store
And not take out the picture?
 By now you know me, I never pass up Milk Glass.
Well, some pieces I do . .but I like the shape of this vase.
 Now the latest thing I am on the "hunt" for is
Vintage Linens. . .  I don't find many at the thrift store I go to
But, once in awhile there will be some.
Some lady beat me to some on Saturday!
Oh, I don't like it when that happens.
 I know this is just a cheap figurine, but you know what?
I like it. . . so I bought it for 1.00.
 I have never bought vintage purses. . . never thought I wanted to
But, this little sweet thing called to me. 
My granddaughters will have fun playing dress-up with it.
I am always looking for tea-cups. . .
This isn't a fancy one, but it is small and I like it.
So in my cart it went. . .
It all cost me less than $10. . .
Not too bad. .
I am now in the process of painting and changing some things
In my living room. . . . 
I really want to be outside
Planting the pots on my patio . . .
But, it is rainy where I live. . .actually it snowed today!
Yep, you read that right snow. . .in May!
So. . . .until the weather clears I will work on projects
That I can do inside, undercover. .
Please do come back and see what I have done. . ..K
I am going to link to. . .


  1. Hey Karie, if you like vintage linens you should come see me. . . I have PILES of them! Thanks for sharing your thrifting adventure! Cathie

  2. Ohhh, great thrifted finds Karie! Love the frame and the linens are always so nice to find. Thank you in advance for joining TTF. I hope you are having a great day!

  3. Looks to me like you hit the jack pot.
    The frame is good, love the milk glass and I want that little purse.

    I took some old frames and painted them white and hung just the frames on my walk in my studio going up the steps.

    I got tired of my old linens and sold them at a yard sale this week. Some I gave to a sister and friend. I kept a few great ones for myself

  4. Under 10 bucks is a steal of a deal..good job, you got some cute things! :D

  5. Oh my you found some nice goodies...I love the milk glass and the old purse! (I can't wait till my grand-daughter is old enough to play dress up..she's only 6 months old! lol)
    Thanks for linking up your goodies, I've enjoyed seeing them all! Oh and good luck with your painting!

  6. I love the Milk Glass vase!

  7. Hi Karie,
    I am so happy that you shared all of your treasures at Treasure Hunt Thursday!
    I love vintage linen - your piece is great and the picture frame is lovely.

  8. There are not many pasttimes we can enjoy for under $10. And you brought home things that continue to make you smile.

  9. The curve of frame is very beautiful. I like the border of it, it is very unique, looks very stylish and superb.


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