Wednesday, May 11, 2011

We-Do-Re-Do Furniture Yard Sale

Well, I am going to be in Provo, Utah
For the next few days. . . until Saturday
I am helping my cousin Janie and my Aunt Colleen
With the BIG Furniture Yard Sale. . .
If you really want a good deal on some beautiful furniture
And lots of other stuff. . . . come see what they have.
Here are pictures of last years sale in September.
 Oh, they do a beautiful job in painting the furniture. . .
 My little Auntie Colleen. . .  she is 81 years old. .
Still loves to paint furniture.
 The black side-board is the piece I picked out. ..
It is now in my living room.
 Beautiful hutches, bookcases, entertainment centers,
Tables, Chairs, desks, bedroom sets, dressers. . .
Just about anything you would want.
 The yard at my Cousin Janie's is full
It is a lot of fun!
I love seeing the people and visiting with everyone.
I will have a few things to sell also at the sale.
If you would like to visit their blog this is where you go.
They give address and directions to the SALE
So if you are in the Provo Utah area come on by
At least come and say HELLO.


  1. Hi Karie,
    thanks for coming by and for your sweet comment
    and thanks about the picture, I love it too.

    You have a very nice blog here. Looks like your Aunt and cousin are quite the painters, god bless her at 81 and still going strong. How wonderful
    and creative!! Too bad I live in Florida....would love to see there work up close and personal. Hope they sell bunches and you too.
    Have a fun time, and sorry to hear about your hubby, and hope you are doing okay!!
    Blessings, Nellie

  2. Hi, Kari, boy, I would be there in a New York Minute if I lived closer. Looks like some mighty good pieces of furniture.
    I know you will love every minute.
    xo bj

  3. Ohhh goodies!!! Lucky you! I love yard sales! I hunt for them! LOL have a great day, and thanks for the post!



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