Thursday, June 9, 2011

Here Comes The Bride

I am so excited to showcase my
Oh, it was held over 44 years ago. . .
And yes, everything is vintage.
December 9, 1966
I married the love of my life
 The day was gorgeous and the evening delightful and enchanting.
The day before it had snowed,
So it looked like a Winter-Wonderland
Because it was in December my colors were Red and White.
 My Bridesmaids wore red brocaded satin dresses. . .
The bouquets were all white flowers, with tiny red accents.
My wedding dress has very simple lines.
Just like the 1966 brides all wore.
My dear sweet Aunt made the dress.
I still have it. . . .
(no I can't fit into it)
 A very precious memento of our wedding is
The Cake Topper
 After nearly 45 years I still have my cake topper.
It is very vintage.
 It sits in the protection of my curio in my living room
My grandchildren love to look at it.
 On our One Year Anniversary my husband gave me
This beautiful strand of pearls. . . .
I was so thrilled. . . he told me I was his precious pearl. .
The pearl has become the symbol of our love!
 My husband and I only had 25 years together.
He died at a young age.
I have missed him so much. . . .my life has never been the same.
But, because I know that 
  Families are Forever
I know that Someday
My Husband and I
Will Be Together Again

I am joining Angelic Accents for her
Be sure to visit this sweet blog party. . .