Thursday, June 9, 2011

Here Comes The Bride

I am so excited to showcase my
Oh, it was held over 44 years ago. . .
And yes, everything is vintage.
December 9, 1966
I married the love of my life
 The day was gorgeous and the evening delightful and enchanting.
The day before it had snowed,
So it looked like a Winter-Wonderland
Because it was in December my colors were Red and White.
 My Bridesmaids wore red brocaded satin dresses. . .
The bouquets were all white flowers, with tiny red accents.
My wedding dress has very simple lines.
Just like the 1966 brides all wore.
My dear sweet Aunt made the dress.
I still have it. . . .
(no I can't fit into it)
 A very precious memento of our wedding is
The Cake Topper
 After nearly 45 years I still have my cake topper.
It is very vintage.
 It sits in the protection of my curio in my living room
My grandchildren love to look at it.
 On our One Year Anniversary my husband gave me
This beautiful strand of pearls. . . .
I was so thrilled. . . he told me I was his precious pearl. .
The pearl has become the symbol of our love!
 My husband and I only had 25 years together.
He died at a young age.
I have missed him so much. . . .my life has never been the same.
But, because I know that 
  Families are Forever
I know that Someday
My Husband and I
Will Be Together Again

I am joining Angelic Accents for her
Be sure to visit this sweet blog party. . .


  1. Your cake topper and pearls are beautiful mementos of your love for your husband. Although far too short, I know you treasure the years you had together. I'm glad you shared this.

  2. What a lovely wedding you had! I love the story of the pearls and your never ending love!


  3. Oh Karie,
    This is so beautiful! And I can just imagine that your husband sees you from heaven and I think that even this beautiful post is making him smile...true love--which most people never find was/is yours and his for eternity...

  4. Ahhh, loved that! You two are so cute in that first picture. I love all the vintage looks. Sorry that he passed on but I am sure he watches over you all the time. :D

  5. Beautiful cake topper and great pictures!

  6. A beautiful couple and a beautiful love story. You are still his pearl. (())

  7. What a wonderful wedding you must have had!! It looks beautiful!! And filled with love!!
    I know your husband is watching and is laughing!! He is very special indeed!

  8. Karie,
    What a beautiful bride and gorgeous couple you are. I love you pics and your cake topper and pearl necklace are truly keepsakes.
    I know you and your beloved will be together again some day and he will be waiting to welcome you home, his precious pearl. What a love story!

    Thank you for stopping by. So nice to meet you.
    Hugs from Texas, Celestina Marie

  9. Love your wedding pics. It sounds like you had truly found the "one" meant for you. I feel the same and I'm blessed to still be with him 35 years later.

    Take a look at my post and scroll down to Linda Johnson Robb. Your dress and her's looks so much alike!

  10. So sorry that you only got to spend 25 years with your love. Your wedding was beautiful even if it was that many years ago. Sweet memories!

  11. LOVE all of the bridal things from the 60's and your dress is a treasure -- especially since it was made for YOU by your aunt! The cake topper is priceless -- just love it! What a beautiful, although too short time you enjoyed with your love. Thank you for sharing your story with all of us.

  12. You were a lovely bride and I enjoyed looking at your pictures. Although you lost your husband at an early age, you must have the most wonderful memories to cherish!

  13. What a beautiful story! And what a lovely pair you made. You hubby was so handsome, and you were so pretty! Its so wonderful that you still have all these memories! :) Thank you for sharing them with us!


  14. What a fabulous share, Karie. Bless his soul, bless your heart ... one day you will both sit with Jesus.

    I love your wedding pictures & those precious pearls.

    TTFN ~

  15. oh Karie~
    This is such a beautiful post and lovely tribute to your beloved husband! A December wedding - I always dreamed of that! Thank you for the beautiful post. I'm glad that I found your blog!

  16. This is such a beautiful post! Your topper and pearls are gorgeous. What a lovely way to honor the life you had with your husband.

  17. Your wedding was so pretty. It made me sad to find out you lost your husband so early. But, how wonderful to know that you will be together again.

  18. Dear Karie, what a handsome couple you and your dear husband were on your special wedding day! Love your gown and am so glad you still have it! Better hide that gorgeous cake topper if I ever come visit! :0) I'm so sorry you lost your love at such a young age, but I know you have such a wonderful attitude about your future and forever life together! Thanks sooo much for sharing your lovely wedding photos and your sweet memories and your heart with us all.

    My out-of-town relatives are now gone so I can devote all this next week to visiting and revisiting all the lovely wedding posts!! I'm just in heaven!!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents


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