Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer Garden Tour

What A Beautiful Summer Day
I have waited a long time for the warm days of
Don't you just love June. . .?
It isn't too hot. . . .just right for a
Garden Tour
The Master Gardeners in the County I live in
Have an annual tour of 
Beautiful Gardens . . .
The Master Gardeners have toiled and worked for many
Long months and years to produce such loveliness.
Here are just a few. . .Hope you enjoy.
 Many of these gardens are quietly nestled in privacy. .
 Few people know of their beauty.
 The pathways are inviting to a secluded quiet spot of beauty.
 My inexperienced photo-taking can not possibly capture the true
Colors and vibrancy of the flowers and shrubs.
 Lush flowers lining and cascading along stone and wood pathways.
 Nature gladly singing the songs of the new day.
 Boulders that could have been discarded are used for
Landscaping beauty.
 Many water falls and ponds add to the serenity.
 The use of discarded materials. . .This gazebo. . .
An old satellite dish. . Amazing
 A well used bicycle. . . now takes a rest and adds
Charm to the yard.
 Tranquility of Water
 Pathways to delight
 Enormous Poppies and other flowers
 A blooming cactus in Northern Utah
 The beauty of a man-made lake
 This outside entrance way beckons the visitor to come on in!
 A pasture turned into a cool refreshing pond.
Oh the joy and rewards of gardening. .
The feel of the soil, the planting of trees and flowers
All to beautify and bring joy to those
Who love A Garden.
I hope you enjoyed the Garden Tour!
Please do come back. . . .K


  1. Wonderful pictures. Sounds like you had a lot of fun on the garden tour. I try to go on a tour every summer as well...very inspiring. Diane

  2. Hi Karie,
    Lovely gardens..How fun to tour them. I enjoy walking through a beautiful gardens as well.Its fun to see what grows where.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  3. Hi Karie! Thanks for taking me along of this lovely garden tour. We met at the Wedding Party and I have just become a friend and a follower. Hope you will consider same.


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