Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tender Sweet Pansy

Little Purple Pansies
Touched with Yellow/Gold
 Growing in one corner of the Garden old
We are very tiny but must try, try, try
Just one spot to gladden you and I.
 I would sing this little song in my Church
When I was a child. . . .
Maybe that is why I love little Pansy flowers. .
 I think they are so tender and sweet.
Did you know the Pansy name is a French word
meaning "pensee"?
Which means
The flower is thought to bring the
Thoughts of Loved Ones. . .
The myth is that you can see a
 Loved One
In the Face of A Pansy 
In Victorian times
A young man would send
His girlfriend a small
Pansy Bouquet which meant
 He was thinking of her!
Gosh I wish someone would send me a
Pansy Bouquet!
Enjoy the Pansies in your Garden. . .
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