Sunday, July 31, 2011

It Doesn't Take Much

It really doesn't take much
To make things a little
Prettier, Cheerful
And Inviting. . .
 My Front Door is very simple and plain
But, with a little Welcome sign
 And a basket full of flowers. . .
 It looks much better,
Cheerful, and Welcoming
My little basket I found at DI
Only 50 cents.
 I already had the flowers and the moss
So it basicly cost me nothing.
Something new, and Pretty. . .
It really doesn't take much!

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Darling Pink Chair

Several months ago Cielo at
Showed the cutest Pink Chair. ..
I fell in Love with it!
 I knew I had to have one. . .
Yes, there was no holding back. .
I wanted a Pink Chair.
I am in love with Pink right now. .
Blue and Pink has always been my favorites.
Well, Cielo inspired me. .
And this is my Pink Chair.
Not exactly the same as Cielo's,
But It is Mine.

I am still working with it. .
Trying to decide the best place for it in my home.
Right now it is in my Bedroom. . .
But, I think I will try it in my Living Room.
I like it to set my white linens on. . .
It creates a lovely space. .
I am so happy with the wonderful blogs like
I gather so much inspiration from so many talented ladies. .
Here is another inspiration Cielo has given me.
 I have a similar chair and guess what?
I want to paint White!
Just like Cielo's
 I know, I know I am a Copy Cat!
 Actually, it is a HUGE compliment when someone
Copies You. . . I at least give credit where credit is due. . .
(My next project painting a white chair)
Thank you for the beautiful blog you share with all of us.
Please take a visit to Cielo's
You won't be disappointed. . .
Her photos are gorgeous.
Here is a beautiful one I am closing with. .
I most definitely am linking to these other
Inspiring Blogs. . .
You gals Rock!
No Minimalist Here

Please Do Come Back Again. . . K

Monday, July 25, 2011

Loving My Tea Cup Collection

Oh, boy, my Tea Cup Collection is growing!
My family and my friends are always on the look for
Tea Cups for Me. . .How about that?
My DIL found this one for me. .
Loving the double handles.
 Look how cute inside the cup
 And the center of the saucer has the same design
 It was so sweet of DIL, Shelly to think of me when she saw
This adorable Tea Cup and Saucer
It says  "Johnson- England" on the bottom.
Tea cup and Saucer under my cloche' just because it's pretty!
 Did I show you these little pretties?
Found them at the thrift store for 75 cents. . .
Love the pearlized orange colored edges.
 Now, look at this beautiful little silver tea server. .
Found it also at the thrift store. . .new...still in the box!
Oh, how I have longed for a silver server. . .
My table looks beautiful with this little "tea"setting. .
But, of course you know I don't drink tea or coffee. .
But, I can still enjoy a little lemonade, or warm cider in my
Beautiful Tea Cups . .
Do come back again, K
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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Raggedy Ann and Andy

Do you ever have a time when
You know you have found a "real" treasure?
Well, that is what happened to me
A few days ago, while shopping at the Thrift Store.
Not only did I have something I liked very much
But I knew I had something of "real" value.
 For 50 cents I found Raggedy Ann
She is so cute and in mint condition.
 For another 50 cents I have her partner. . Andy
They are porcelain dolls made my
Marie Osmond. . .In 1997
They are very rare and are now retired.
As always there is a story to getting them. .
My friend Sue and I decided to go to the DI
In Salt Lake City. . . . (we are both DI lovers)
Sue spotted Ann and handed her to me,
Another person grabbed Andy. . .(not to worry)
The other person wanted me to give her Ann
Of course I said, NO! (politely)
Well, that person followed me around the store
While I continued to shop for "stuff". . .
She wanted my Ann!
I think she was hoping I would decide I didn't want the doll
And I would sit her down somewhere. . .(not goin to happen)
As Sue and I were heading to the check-out
The lady came up to me and said "here is your Andy"
Oh, Wow! I thanked her and gladly took Andy
Of course she knew as well as anyone. . . who is
Raggedy Andy without Raggedy Ann!
After doing my research on the Internet
I found that I certainly did have a valuable treasure.
At first I thought, "oh I can sell them"
On, second thought. . . Ain't goin to happen!
There is still a little girl inside of me
And she loves Dolls. . .
Once they are in my home and I get to know them. .
I don't part with them. . . Just how I am.
So. . .
Raggedy Ann and Andy
Are staying with ME!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Vintage Whites

I have wanted to show some of my
Vintage Whites
They are really mine from a long time ago
Like I have said before
Everything I have is now VINTAGE.
But, I am fine with it. . .it just means I have
Lived a Blessed Life.
 I have a cedar chest full of beautiful Vintage Whites
 Just look at how beautiful the "cut" work is
 Battenberg Lace
 More of the Beautiful details of my Whites
 So crisp and clean
 Oh, I must start using these Beautiful Whites
 Nothing like Vintage Whites
Have you noticed the little Pink Chair. . .
Well, that is one of my newest completed projects. .
Love it!
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Monday, July 18, 2011

Infinitely Rich and Beautiful

The Roses are slowly fading until the next bloom
They rest for awhile in their quiet chambers
And then they
Come forth in Splendid Beauty. . . Again
 Sometimes I need a quiet moment. . .
To observe the silent chambers of my heart
 I find there is simplicity and poise in my soul
And I am awakened to the beauty that surrounds me.
I gain a sacred reverence for life. . . for my life. 
 "There are somethings you learn best in Quiet Calm 
And somethings are learned best in Storm"
(Willa Cather)
I have learned in both calm and storm how
Infinitely Rich and Beautiful Life IS.

I am joining. .
A Return To Loveliness at A Delightsome Life

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Creating With Thread

Oh how I love doilies!
My Grandma Dot taught me how to
Crochet. . when I was a young girl
My Granny also crocheted
 I come from a long line of women who
Create with Thread
I am so glad I know how to do this
Beautiful Art
Here is one I just finished. . .

I love how it looks on my oak dining table

I have a lot of doilies. . .and each one is
Special and Beautiful.

I recently read a sweet article in the magazine
Crochet World
The title is "A Connecting Thread"
I could relate to the author, Kerrie Barney
She too came from a long line of women
Who made beautiful things out of thread. . . .
She said her mother would tell her
"All the women of our line are extremely
Talented in the fiber arts. 
There is something in the hands,
An itch to create."
Well I have inherited something in
My hands. . .an itch to create.
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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Enjoying a Summer Day

Oh, what beauties the Summer brings. .
Clear skies, Blue Lakes,
Children Playing. . .
Families gathering

What Do You Do In The Summer-Time?

Families and Summer go Together!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Madalin Chair/Harp Back

I finally finished the
Madalin Chair
(that is the name I gave her)
It is a beautiful Harp Back Chair
I found it at DI several months ago. . .
 I thought for sure I had a picture of the before look
But, I guess I didn't take a picture of the poor little thing.
She was actually in real good shape. . . . just ugly!
 It is always amazing how a little paint and pretty upholstery
Can make such a dramatic change. . .
 After painting it white. . . it did  need a little character so. .
I shabbied it. . .(distressing)
 I am going to sell her. . . I don't know how I will be able to
Part with her. . . .When I re-create something
 I become attached.
But, my house is filling up with my attachments. .
So. . .I will sell Madalin to someone who will love her.
 I think she is probably from the 1940's
A knock-off of the Duncan Phyfe Style.
She is so pretty. . .I really enjoyed
Re-Creating her. . .
And she looks very well in my home!

I am going to linky this little creation with
Some of the great blog parties. .
Hope you will visit them
French Country Cottage/Feathered Nest

And Please Come Back Again!