Monday, July 18, 2011

Infinitely Rich and Beautiful

The Roses are slowly fading until the next bloom
They rest for awhile in their quiet chambers
And then they
Come forth in Splendid Beauty. . . Again
 Sometimes I need a quiet moment. . .
To observe the silent chambers of my heart
 I find there is simplicity and poise in my soul
And I am awakened to the beauty that surrounds me.
I gain a sacred reverence for life. . . for my life. 
 "There are somethings you learn best in Quiet Calm 
And somethings are learned best in Storm"
(Willa Cather)
I have learned in both calm and storm how
Infinitely Rich and Beautiful Life IS.

I am joining. .
A Return To Loveliness at A Delightsome Life


  1. Wise and true words! There is that to learn all around us! And what beautiful pictures! :) Lovely!


  2. Hello fellow member...I love your blog and your wisdom. Being a mormon (Latter Day Saint) is such a blessing...I need to be more thankful every day for our dear Savior and the true church. Thank you for your sweetness.

  3. What sweet words! Your roses are beautiful, and I love your tall pitcher. I only have 3 bushes and they are still quite small. Did get some blooms to enjoy. Not enough to bring a bouquet in yet.


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