Sunday, July 24, 2011

Raggedy Ann and Andy

Do you ever have a time when
You know you have found a "real" treasure?
Well, that is what happened to me
A few days ago, while shopping at the Thrift Store.
Not only did I have something I liked very much
But I knew I had something of "real" value.
 For 50 cents I found Raggedy Ann
She is so cute and in mint condition.
 For another 50 cents I have her partner. . Andy
They are porcelain dolls made my
Marie Osmond. . .In 1997
They are very rare and are now retired.
As always there is a story to getting them. .
My friend Sue and I decided to go to the DI
In Salt Lake City. . . . (we are both DI lovers)
Sue spotted Ann and handed her to me,
Another person grabbed Andy. . .(not to worry)
The other person wanted me to give her Ann
Of course I said, NO! (politely)
Well, that person followed me around the store
While I continued to shop for "stuff". . .
She wanted my Ann!
I think she was hoping I would decide I didn't want the doll
And I would sit her down somewhere. . .(not goin to happen)
As Sue and I were heading to the check-out
The lady came up to me and said "here is your Andy"
Oh, Wow! I thanked her and gladly took Andy
Of course she knew as well as anyone. . . who is
Raggedy Andy without Raggedy Ann!
After doing my research on the Internet
I found that I certainly did have a valuable treasure.
At first I thought, "oh I can sell them"
On, second thought. . . Ain't goin to happen!
There is still a little girl inside of me
And she loves Dolls. . .
Once they are in my home and I get to know them. .
I don't part with them. . . Just how I am.
So. . .
Raggedy Ann and Andy
Are staying with ME!


  1. They are so cute...
    I'm inviting you to add this to our linking party at
    Have a great weekend,

  2. Hi Karie,
    Wow! it was your lucky day for sure! they sure are adorable. Finds like this don't come along every day. I love their red nose's.
    Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth

  3. You are so very lucky. I find it almost unbelieveable that the other woman gave up Andy. I think Andy's are the more rare of the two.
    I have a Raggedy collction that I got by being the last person at a yard sale. The husband of a woman who had a Raggedy room saw me looking at a few pieces and made me a deal on the entire set that I could not walk away from.
    Now I need to build a room around my new collection.

    Marie Osmond dolls are collectible for their own sake. All I can say is WOW.

  4. Well, you can have Ann w/o Andy, but you're right! You had the leverage. Good thing you grabbed her first! It's just a cruel thrifting world out there! Haha Great score! Happy for you.

  5. OMWord that s a great story about the dolls. Good thing you stuck to your guns and didn't give her up. Do you remember the Ms. Beasley dolls? I had one growing up and when I came across a reproduction collectible edition I could not resist buying it. I paid over $100 but I love it and have no regrets. Thank you for your lovely comment on my jadeite and McCoy finds!


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