Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Somethings Are Always The Same

Taking a look at my home
I realized there are some things that
I have always had in the same place. . .
I don't change. . .
I have lived in several places, but
There are certain things I keep in the same place. .
Such as the things in my bedroom. .
My Bedroom has always been blue. .
Well, I once had a gold bedroom and when I was
A little girl I had a pink bedroom. .
But for the most part my bedrooms have been blue.
 Pictures of my four children have always been in my bedroom
This very grouping has been the same for many years.
 My Daughter's Bridal Picture
Has always been in my bedroom.
 Somethings I don't want to change.
 My dresser has always been the same.
And the things I display on top have always
Been the same.
 My Grandma Dot's picture has always been on my dresser
And the little china dish that belonged to her
Has always been on my dresser.
The pictures I have displayed on the shelf
Have always been in my bedroom
Since I was about 8 years old. .
The same frames the same mat. . nothings changed.

Now, if you know me I am a person who likes to change
Things around. . . . vignettes never stay the same.
I like to change furniture and re-arrange.
But, there is something about my bedroom
I like to keep the same.
How about you. . .do you have things you keep in
A certain place in a certain room in your home?

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