Monday, August 29, 2011

Daughter's Kitchen Revealed--Beautiful!

I am so excited to show you
My Daughter's Kitchen. .
You may recall early in the summer
I told you how she wanted to Re-do her kitchen. .
 This is how it looked after she took all the
Wall-paper and border off the walls and back-splash
The story goes that she was thinking of painting the cupboards
Dark Brown. . .(oh, no!)
I suggested to her that she paint them a deep dark Red
Then antique over them. .
And that she paint the walls a creamy yellow. ..
She was a little sceptical at first but later 
Admitted deep in her heart she wanted them Red
She just didn't know how it would go over with her Husband, RJ.
Well, with some gentle persuasion she convinced him
Red was the way to go and Yellow was the color for the walls. .

He was soon on-board and suggested
 bead-board and crown molding!

 RJ is one handy guy and soon it was all taking shape
Well, here it is today!
It is so cute!
 I love all the cute "country" things she has on the drop-down

 She actually found the curtains she wanted
 Before she started painting. . .
Just so happens they match!
 Daughter and her Husband did a beautiful job
I just showed them how to paint the cupboards
And how to antique them. . .
 They worked on this during the hot months of July and August
When I would go in the garage to help paint. . .
I would have to leave
Too hot for this Momma!
 Just a few minor things to finish up. .
She wants a glass door for her pantry. . And
She has some old windows she wants to fix up
For the drop-down shelves. .
Good job Sweetie!
She says she isn't talented like her Momma,
But I disagree!
She out-shines me in so many ways.

She used
Martha Stewart Paint - Barn Red
Antique was Min-Wax -  Provincial
Behr - Whisper Yellow

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tea Cups Oh My!

You all know how much I love
Tea Cups
It is my latest obsession  collection!
I have collected quite a few in a short time.
I am always on the look-out for
Tea Cups
Well, take a look at these
Tea Cups. .
I found these on Google Images
I may have to try making one of these.
I bet I could!
Oh, I want one of these or maybe several
They are Rings. . .How cute is that?
Oh, this lamp is beyond cleaver and cute. .
How about that?
The above pictures make my obsession collection
Look very simple and ordinary. . .
But, that's ok.  I love My Tea Cups. .
Take a look at. . .
My Tea Cup Collection
This is only a few of the tea cups I have.. .
I will show you more later. .
All these cute tea cups and I don't drink an ounce of tea or coffee.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Must Love Dogs

I come from a family of Animal lovers. .
Especially Dogs!
I think my husband would have given me up
Before he would give up his dog . . .
He loved All animals,
But we always had a Dog.
I could give you a long list of the names
I still remember them.
(and I miss them, almost as much as I miss him)
My children have inherited the Love of Dogs. .
They all have dogs. .(and some kitties too)
In our family we have, Lucky, Lily, Bo, Annie, Hannah, Bruiser
And an assortment of Hound Dogs with names I can't remember.
But, I am sad to say I don't have a Dog. .
I just enjoy my children's pets. .
I made my son this pillow
 Dog Lesson For People
You know Dogs really can teach us some valuable lessons. .
Be Loyal and Faithful
Play Every day
Drink lots of water
Forgive quickly
Avoid biting when a growl will do!
Sit close and listen
Follow your instincts
Give more than you receive
Take Naps
Be a Best Friend
Love Unconditionally.
If you have a little animal friend in your life
Be kind and gentle and good to him or her
They are special little creatures of our Heavenly Father
They truly are our Friends!

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A New School Year

Today was the beginning of a
New School Year
For my Grandchildren and other
School Children in the School District where I live. .
I always feel nostalgic when a new school years begins.
It bring back so many memories of my own school age years
But most it brings back memories of my children's
I was one of those Mother's who cried on the first day of school
And when they left for college and LDS Mission I sobbed!
I am just a tender person and each milestone in my life
And the lives of my children and now my grandchildren
Causes me to feel a little "blue",
But also filled with joy and happiness.
The School Buses were rolling this morning. .
 Thousands of school age children headed back to school.
I am so grateful for the loving care
And safety that is provided for
The children. . . I know that they are in good hands.
 The neighborhoods were quiet today. . .
But the schools were filled with laughter and chatter
As nervous little ones filled the halls and rooms.
 Isn't it a marvelous thing. . .
The Education of our Children?
So many People are involved and
So much Time and Energy goes into it.
 Yep! Today School Started. .
I wipe a tear or two. . .and then
Move onto the next day and the next.
Good Luck to all you youngsters
From the Senior in High School
To the little Kindergartner. .
May you have an awesome School Year!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Blue Early American Chair

Well, hello Blogger Friends!
Where is the time going? Another Monday is here!
And August is on it's way out and going fast.
Ooooo I don't like it!
Don't get me wrong I love the Autumn season
But, oh my, Time, please slow down a bit.
Not ready to let Summer go.
Oh, well, I can't do anything about it. .
Just enjoy the days and the moments I am in.
Well, anyhoo, on to my cute
Blue Chair. .

I found this adorable Early American style chair
At DI for $8.00
I have always loved Early American style of furniture.
When I was first married in the mid 60's (1966)
Early American was my choice in furniture style.
It just always seemed so cozy and homey. .
So when I came across this piece at the thrift store
Of, course I had to have it.
It is solid maple. . . .
This is it now!
 It had a broken spindle. .
But my son-in-law made a new one for me.
I actually spray painted this chair. .
Chairs are so time consuming to paint.
So I used my favorite spray-paint. . .Rust-Oleum
Colonial Blue.
 I think my next painting project will be the table you see
It is Early American also. . .1966
I am really pleased with how The Blue Chair it turned out.
It looks cute in my living room. ..
The chair is sturdy, and comfortable.
My Living room is small,
So I can't have a large chair in there.
This fits just perfectly.

Well, I am off to run errands and then
Spend some time getting my crocheting project done
So I can show you. . .
A little side note. . Daughter's kitchen transformation is almost
Ready for the big reveal. . .I can hardly wait to show you.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

August - Beauties of It's Own

The tail end of a  beautiful Summer!
Sometimes it is hard to see August arrive. .
For in August I know that Summer
Is on it's last bloom. .
Ahh! I want to enjoy every moment of
What Summer still offers. .

The season has not been as it usually is. .
Summer had a late start
And the temperatures have been mild
 Oh, one of my favorites. .
A Beautiful Red Fresh Vine Ripe Tomato

 The Roses are beginning to bloom again.
A Gorgeous Showcase of August Beauty.
In the words of Charles Dickens
"Nature gives to every time and season
Beauties of its own"

I hope you have had a beautiful Summer. .

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Finished Crochet Pillow

Hello Everyone!
I Hope you are having a great weekend.
It was a little warm outside today. . .99
So I spent most of my day inside doing
Some Housekeeping
Oh, I don't mind
I love keeping House.
After the housekeeping was finished
(Is it ever finished!?)
I finished up my crocheting project. . .
 My friend Sue has made a few of these
And I liked the cute fluffy ruffles
So, I had to make one for me.
 I made it into a round accent pillow
I used Bernat--Softee Baby Yarn. . .
I like the soft feel of the yarn
And I really like the pastel colors.
 It is a real easy pattern
If you are interested you can go HERE for directions.
I think it makes a cute girly ruffled pillow. .
It would look very nice on a cute girly bed!

Friday, August 12, 2011

From The Beehive Cottage

The Beehive Cottage
The name behind this adorable blog is
She is one of those blogs I go to for
A good feeling, I guess you would call it
Comfort. . Ya, that's a good description Comfort
She is one of the
Sisters On The Fly
She has an adorable vintage 1957 trailer
 You can go HERE and read about it and see more pictures
How Cute is that? I think the little dog is the cutest!
Well, if you go to her blog you will see the latest
Oh yes, it is camping to a whole new level. . .
Take a look
 Another adorable dog. . Maybe that is what I need.
This is a tent! Yes, a tent.
Decorated, Homey, and Comfy!
Can you believe it?. . .You have got to go to
The Beehive House
Maryjane has lots of cute things at her blog
Take a look, it is so
I think I could handle camping in this type of style. .
This is making a Home no matter where you are.
Please do visit Maryjane at
The Beehive House

A Summer Cold!

I have been M.I.A the last few days. .
Because I have been S.I.C.K!
I don't know what the deal is. .
I have a C.O.L.D!
A summertime COLD. . .
And can I just say. .
It is not a good thing!
Headache, congestion, earache, sinus infection. .
Oh, good grief, I know you don't want to
Hear all about the yuckieness of my summer cold!
Suffice it to say. .
I have felt T.E.R.R.I.B.L.E!
On the good side . . .I did do a little crocheting
When I wasn't in bed feeling sorry for my sick self
I crocheted. .

I actually started this before I got sick
My friend Sue showed me the cutest blog
It has lots of crochet ideas. . .
You can go HERE to see the blog.
Cutest English Gal that loves to crochet and decorate
And be a Mum
Crocheted a couple of
Dishcloths. .
Once you use crocheted (or knitted) dishcloths
You don't want to go back to the flimsy store bought ones.
I just couldn't wait to show you this crochet project
The crocheting is done, but I am making it into a pillow
It is the same pattern as the doily I showed you
Only this time I used the softest yarn. . .
I can't wait to show you how it will look as a pillow.
I just ran out of energy today and didn't get everything done.
So even though I didn't feel good
I accomplished somethings. .
I hope you have a great weekend. .
The month of August is moving along tooo fast!

Come Back Again. . . K

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