Monday, August 1, 2011

A Helping Hand

It is nice to give a
Helping Hand!
The past few days I have been
Helping a couple of my children. .
(Adult Children need our help too)
My sweet oldest son brought home some apricots
 And needed Mom's help
Making Apricot Jam
 24 Pints of Yummy Jam
Mom is always willing to help!
Sweet little daughter
Decided she wanted to re-do her kitchen
Typical "honey oak" cabinets. . .
She was tired of them and the wall-paper
Soooo. . . .Mom suggested
Red Cupboards and Yellow Walls
Well, My sweet little daughter isn't like her Mom
She isn't as bold with color. .
But. . . .
This is where we are right now. .
Walls are painted Yellow
And Cupboards are painted Red!
With Provincial Antiquing. . .
And Beadboard added to the snack bar and cupboard ends.
Re-doing a kitchen is a MESS!
Bless her heart and her husbands and her sons.
But, it is going to be beautiful!
Can't wait to show you the results.
So between Apricot Jam, Re-doing a kitchen
Painting chairs, and frames, and crocheting. .
Church responsibilities, Girls Camp
Not to forget Granddaughters softball games. .
It has been a very busy summer.
I love keeping my hands busy
And I love lending a helping hand!

Come Back Again. . .K


  1. can't wait to see that kitchen! love the beadboard idea!

  2. That is going to be one cheerful kitchen!!

  3. Can't wait to see this kitchen done! Why do we think we have to do 100 things at once?-maybe it's a girl thing!

  4. Wow. Your kids are blessed and you are talented!


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