Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ironing Day

I love to
Really I do. . .
I learned to iron at a very young age. . .
Back when we didn't have starch in a spray can
Nor did we have spray bottles full of water. .
Or nice irons that produced steam
Back when I was young. . . we dampened our
washed cloths with a "sprinkling bottle"
(I guess that is what they were called)
Then we would "roll" the clothes and put them in a bag.
We always washed on Monday's and when I married
I kept that day as Wash Day. . So
 Tuesday is Ironing Day!
Today that is what I did. . .Iron
I ironed my clothes and then I ironed some
Pillow Cases. . .
I will stack these gently on the linen shelf
They will be nice and crisp when I put them on my bed
Just a little life pleasure, fresh crisp ironed pillow cases.
This pillow case I found at the DI. . $1.
 (have you seen the outrageous cost of bedding at department stores?)
I am so happy when I find something at the discount stores
And even better at DI
 I love the beautiful detail and embroidery work. .
I found these lovely pillow cases at a yard sale for $2.
 No, I don't iron sheets. . . Although I use to. .
But now, I don't iron them . . .oh, unless they are wrinkled.
I love a beautifully made bed.
And I am a little "different" with the sheets I have on my bed.
I like a plain colored sheet on the bottom and
A printed sheet on the top. . .
(I know, it is just a little quirk I have!)
 Most printed sheets come in a package with the bottom and the top
So, I buy a plain bottom and then I look in DI for a
Nice printed top sheet. . .Found this one the other day. .$1.
I just have this last table cloth to iron and then I am done.
I can't wait to show you this one. . .I got it at a yard sale.
Oh, And it is Vintage! 

Well, how about you. . Do you like to Iron?
And do you like a particular type of sheet?
I know I am not the only one with quirky ways. . (?)

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  1. I avoid ironing as much as possible lol. I remember my mom using a shaker bottle and cooking Argo Starch on the stove to starch our clothes...Yikes. Your linens are so pretty great finds. I know it probably feels so good to sleep on nice crisp sheets.

  2. I'm not a fan of ironing but your pictures are certainly tempting. I love your embroidered fabrics.



  3. Karie, I do not iron at all. My iron is broke and I haven't bought a new one. Love those pillowcases you found at a yard sale. Sleeping on nice pillow cases is heaven. Joni

  4. I don't like to iron...but I do it. I like my tops to have creases in the arms...no wrinkles...and I love to touch up doilies and pillowcases. I don't have beautiful ones like yours though!

  5. I remember my mom sprinkling the clothes and rolling them up in a plastic bag before she ironed them. I used to love to iron, but not so much now. You have some beautiful linens.

    I am happy to be a new follower from White Wednesday.

  6. We all have some task that gives satisfaction - yours is ironing, mine is laundry. What great prices you got on all those lovely linens.

  7. I love fresh line dried sheets. I also like to spray them with a light smelling fragrance before they go in the linen closet.

    I usually just iron the pillowcases and the "turn down" part of the top sheet.

    I want to thank you for joining my Bunny Hop party. I hope to see you next week, if not sooner ;)

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    @ Bunny Jean's Decor and More! (main blog)

  8. I don't really mind ironing. I just finished five minutes ago actually! I listen to stories while I iron or else I watch a DVD of some kind, it makes the time pass faster.
    I like heavy, expensive sheets, but I can't afford them so I buy what I find on sale. I like my sheets in sets the way you buy them in the store. The way you like them sounds interesting and unique, I'm sure it makes for a beautifully made up bed.
    Your pillowcases are lovely, I have a thing for pretty pillowcases!
    Hugs, Cindy

  9. I love your linens. I hadn't thought of putting a printed sheet on the top. I feel so luxurious when I have fresh white sateen sheets. I have ruined my children and their spouses forever, I've given them all pillow top beds, thick quilted mattress covers and sateen sheets for their weddings.
    I also find it relaxing to crochet and haul it around with me as well as crocheting while watching tv (no guilt. lol).
    Have a Lovely Day,


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