Sunday, August 7, 2011

Love Affair of Textiles

Oh, it may sound like a strange "Love Affair",
But it is true I love Textiles. . .
I come from a long line of textile lovers. .
I remember as a child going in Fabric Stores
And row after row of fabric on bolts. .
My Mom loved textiles
My Grandmother's loved textiles..
My Great-Grandmother also. .
And I know it goes way beyond them. .
My Aunts and Cousins are textile lovers. .
So you see I come by it naturally.
"Something in the hands that have the desire to create".
Here is just a small sampling of my own textile loves
That I have lovingly created. .
I have so much more I want to show you. .
You have only seen a portion of my crocheting and my textiles
I am in love with Vintage Textiles. .
My cedar chest is full of them. .  and
I must get them out and enjoy the look, the feel, the touch.
The colors and the texture . . .
Hankies, doilies, tablecloths, pillow cases. .quilts
Anything that is Textiles and is Vintage.
I search second hand stores, and antique shoppes. .
But I also love "new fresh fabric. .
(I have a large stash)
 I recently came across the cutest blog
 These pictures come from her blog
Click HERE to see her blog
 She too has the love for vintage textiles
 Isn't her collection beautiful

I am linking this with Cielo at
You see a lot of Cielo on my blog
She inspires me. . .
She too loves Textiles. . .

I am also linking with
Little Red House
She hosts Mosaic Monday
Do Come Back Again K
I think I will get those beautiful textiles out of my
Cedar Chest and show them to you. .