Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A New School Year

Today was the beginning of a
New School Year
For my Grandchildren and other
School Children in the School District where I live. .
I always feel nostalgic when a new school years begins.
It bring back so many memories of my own school age years
But most it brings back memories of my children's
I was one of those Mother's who cried on the first day of school
And when they left for college and LDS Mission I sobbed!
I am just a tender person and each milestone in my life
And the lives of my children and now my grandchildren
Causes me to feel a little "blue",
But also filled with joy and happiness.
The School Buses were rolling this morning. .
 Thousands of school age children headed back to school.
I am so grateful for the loving care
And safety that is provided for
The children. . . I know that they are in good hands.
 The neighborhoods were quiet today. . .
But the schools were filled with laughter and chatter
As nervous little ones filled the halls and rooms.
 Isn't it a marvelous thing. . .
The Education of our Children?
So many People are involved and
So much Time and Energy goes into it.
 Yep! Today School Started. .
I wipe a tear or two. . .and then
Move onto the next day and the next.
Good Luck to all you youngsters
From the Senior in High School
To the little Kindergartner. .
May you have an awesome School Year!


  1. It is such an exciting thing for them, by now they are getting bored with summer and need to move on and grow up..it is all good! ;D

  2. Hello Karie, Thank you for visiting me today for White wednesday.
    It is a little sad when the children grow up so quick, our grandchildren are too. Here in Australia they don't break for holidays until the 1st October, so a little while to go yet.xx enjoy the peace and quiet for a while


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