Friday, August 5, 2011

Simple Pick of Flowers

Isn't it beautiful the way
Mother Nature
Changes the colors of her Gardens
Even in the same Season . .
 I love walking the garden paths and seeing the varied colors
 I want to pick a flower from all the colors displayed. . .
 But, today I chose Yellow. .
 Just cheery and bright. . .Yellow flowers seem to say
"Hello!". . . "Good Morning. . ."
"Hope you are having a wonderful Day"
 It doesn't take many flowers to cheer me up. .
A few tucked in my Grandma's Sewing Drawer . .
Brightens My Day. . .!
And how about you. . .Do flowers brighten your day?

I am linking with these fine ladies. . .
Hope you will visit. .


  1. Hi Karie! OH, what beautiful flowers! Now there you have a Roo and Chick that could come to my party.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Sweet! Honey YOU know flowers brighten my day! :)
    I'm so glad you joined in for Fresh-Cut Friday. These are darling. :)

    Have a great weekend1


  3. Very pretty! Love yellow, such a happy color:@)

  4. Oh, yes they are lovely! I love your beautiful flowers. I have some out the window and I enjoy looking at them everyday. Thanks for linking it to Home Sweet Home!

  5. How happy the color yellow is..and a yellow flower always makes me smile..this is beautiful...

  6. Any flower is cheerful, but I love daisies! :) Yours are beautiful as well! :D



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