Thursday, September 29, 2011

Busy, Busy

Oh boy! Do you have those weeks
When you are just too busy to blog?
Well, this is definitely my week.
I am so sorry. . .
I have been busy getting things accomplished.
Anyway I am trying to accomplish!
In the mean time I am going to leave you with
Some cool pictures out in bloggerland
O the fall decorations. . . I wish I had!
I will be back in a day to show you what I am up to.
Hugs, to all you sweet bloggy friends.
I found these on Pinterest
Aren't these pumpkins the cutest?
And this wreath!
Oh Wow!
What talent these lovely gals have.
I promise I will be back with my own
Autumn Decorating.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Crochet Pumpkins

Oh, do I love threads and yarns
And fabric and lots of textiles!
Lately, I have loved yarn. .
I just can't get enough of crocheting creations.
There are so many beautiful colors and types of yarn.
So my stash just keep growing
And I keep crocheting.
Here's just a tiny view of what I recently crocheted.
Absolutely nothing fancy. . . !
But oh so fun to crochet and cute to decorate with.
My goal is to make lots of these cute pumpkins
And fill a basket with them. . .
But, I just had to show you how cute they are turning out.
I will be showing you more later in the week
I am slowly ( and I mean s-l-o-w) getting my
Autumn decorations out. . .

I do believe I will be linking up with these lovely blogs
Be sure to visit them. . .

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pillowcase Dress

For Fun!
I haven't sewed little girls clothes for ages. .
Oh, I use to have my sewing machine whirling all the time
When my  little daughter was young.
Her ruffles and ribbons were all made by me.
I had so much fun sewing for her.
She was a little dancer, so I sewed a lot of dance costumes.
I made each one of my little granddaughters blessing dresses.. .
(Sorry I would have to dig deep to find pictures)
Well, anyhooooo, I have been sewing again.
Nothing fancy. . .Nothing like I use to do.
I think I showed you the pillowcases I have been making. .
 Well, I took the design idea and created this cute
Pillowcase Dress
They are very popular right now.
It is so fun to have my sewing machine whirling again
Making Little Girls Dresses. .
But, Now my Grandson wants me to sew him something.
More than happy too!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Sunflower Tea Cup

Oh, dear I am lagging behind on my blogging
I am so sorry to my sweet followers. .
I have let you down!
I have been so busy. . . Projects and more Projects.
But, I am not quite ready to show you the things
I have been working on. . Just a little more time is needed.
And then I will show you some of the things I have done.
In the mean time I wanted to show you my
Sweet Sunflower Tea Cup and Saucer. .
I just love it.
 It is just so cheerful and cute. .
This is the time of year for Sunflowers
And a Tea Cup makes a cute Sunflower.
I bought her many years ago, (20 years)!
 This little set has cheered me and my home
For many years. . .
Here is a sneak peek of one completed projects. . .
I am pleased with how it turned out.
Brightens the room with the Autumn colors. .
I like the ruffles on a pillow. . . .dainty and cute.
Oh, there are many more projects. . .
Most of them not completed..
I will show you them in a day or two

I am going to link up with theses wonderful gals
Be sure to check them out. .

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Do Fences Make Good Neighbors?

I like the poem by
Robert Frost
Mending Wall
In the beautiful prose of Robert Frost
He asks the question. . .
Why do fences make good neighbors?

We make our fences in many different ways...
Some are natural fences and some we make ourselves.
Just what are we fencing in or what are we fencing out?

Are fences just another out-door game?
Artistic use of our energy?

Do the fences we build serve a purpose?
Are they there for safety and protection?
 Most often we build fences that entrap ourselves.
Whenever I had damaged a relationship or friendship
My Daddy would say
"Go Mend Your Fences. . ."

Some of my fences I was able to mend
Sadly some were never mended. .
Do Fences Make Good Neighbors?

Have a wonderful day. .
And do come back again. . .K

What I Have Been Up Too. . . .

Oh, My I have been so busy lately.
My blogging has really suffered.
I keep promising myself I will be much more
Organized with my time and get back on my
Regular Blogging Schedule.
Please be patient with me. .
One of the little things I have added to my life
Is my Littlest Friend.
This little furry, chubby Yorkie
Is the newest joy in my life.
I have never had a dog of my own.
Oh, yes my children had pets and so did my husband.
But they took care of them, not me.
Now I have Zoey and I am thrilled. . .
I had no idea a little animal friend could bring so much happiness
I live a lone, and she is just my constant little companion.
We immediately bonded. . .
I just love her.
She takes up a lot of my time. . . But I don't mind
I would rather just sit with her on my lap than do anything.
That has got to change real soon!
But, I have managed to accomplish and finish a few projects.
 I finished four adorable pillowcases
 (The white chair was also painted during this time)
 Lots and lots of pretty cotton dish-clothes.
Oooo! I love them
 A cute ruffled pillow for a splash of fall colors.
 I am continuing to work on a beautiful ripple Afghan.
 My sewing machine is humming
With lots of fabric still waiting to be completed.
The abundance of yarn is also waiting for more
Crochet items to be completed.
September is a perfect time to get some of the
Christmas sewing started and possibly finished.
But my little Zoey is the most important right now. .
What a little sweetheart.
She has come to help me a long my life journey.

What have you been up to lately?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Carpenter Tools Remembered

What would we do without
The wonderful skills and talents of a
My Papa was a carpenter. .
Oh, how I wish I had a piece of his carpentry work
And I wish I had the tools he used.
I remember so many of them. . And
I remember the wooden tote he used to put some of his tools in
When my Papa died in 1980, no one thought to keep his tools
When you are young you don't realize how sentimental
Some old carpenter tools would be later in your life.
My Son-in-Law (RJ) is lucky to have some of his
Grandpa's Tools. . .
 RJ has made a cute display for the tools
RJ has hung this collection of his Grandpa's tools in his own
Workshop behind his garage.
RJ (son-in-law) is very talented with the skills of a carpenter.
They are just "old tools"
But, they belonged to a beloved Grandpa.
Back in the day of my Papa and RJ's Grandpa. .
Tools weren't powered with electricity. ..
The power behind the tool was ManPower!
My Papa's hands seemed huge to me.
And his arms were as strong as could be.
But, he was as gentle as a lamb.
He was a Carpenter.
He could build anything. . .

Thursday, September 8, 2011

September Changes

Seems to be the month of
The days become shorter
The weather is cooler
The trees are starting to change to their 
Autumn Colors.
Bring a new Season
And with all the changes in nature I too make some changes
I have been reluctant to let my Summer go. .
It came so late where I live
But, alas, I must say good-bye to Summer
I am gradually bringing out the September Decor
Changing my buffet is so fun
I love Fall colors . . .
Orange, yellows, browns and all shades in between.
 Of course I have to display a cute
Autumn scene plate.
I found this "old" plate at the thrift store DI
Cost me all of $1. .
And you know me, I seldom pass up a plate!
It is nothing fancy on the Blue Buffet. .
But, it makes me happy when I look at
My September and Fall colors
Each day I am adding a little more of my Fall decor

How about you are you adding the beautiful colors
Of September and Fall. . . ?
I am joining


Aren't Sunflowers Fun?
I love them. .
My Grandma use to say they were weeds!
Oh, Grandma! They aren't weeds. .
They are from Mother Earth
Scattering her sunshine. .

They are so cheerful. . .
It amazes me that they can grow in the worst
Growing conditions, and Survive. . .
And still be so Beautiful
Year after Year. . .
They bring Beauty and Happiness to all of us
Happy Yellow Sunflowers. . .
They brighten the Country Side.. .
You know they follow the Sun
They face the Sun. . from East to West
As the Sun makes it progress across the sky
The Sunflower's little face is always turned to it
I think there are lessons to be learned from
The Sunflower!
Take a walk today
And notice the Cheerful
See you a little later. . .with a little more. .

Monday, September 5, 2011

Karma's Home

Hello everyone,
I hope you have enjoyed your
Labor Day Holiday!
I sure have. ..
Remember to be thankful for the
Labor Movement. .
That is what gave us the weekends!
And we all love the weekend, don't we?

Well, I traveled back to my little hometown,
And while I was there I visited
A few of the relatives. .
I want to show you
 My cousin Karma's cute house
Nothing fancy, just a cute lived in HOME
Enjoy the pictures of
Karma's House

 The home was built in about 1932
 I love the architectural style of the house

 Karma is very talented with hand-work
 She has done the crocheting and the needle work
 Isn't this chair unusual.
Someone was going to throw it in the garbage
And she ask if she could have it. . .
Thank goodness there are some of us
Who appreciate antiques and vintage things!

 This chair my great-Aunt found at DI.

 Karma's Rabbit collection. 
Below is one of the many pieces of tapestry she has
 The yard at Karma's house is as beautiful
And well kept as the inside

Thank you cousin Karma for letting me
Showcase your beautiful Home. . .

I will be linking this to these wonderful blogs. .