Sunday, September 11, 2011

Carpenter Tools Remembered

What would we do without
The wonderful skills and talents of a
My Papa was a carpenter. .
Oh, how I wish I had a piece of his carpentry work
And I wish I had the tools he used.
I remember so many of them. . And
I remember the wooden tote he used to put some of his tools in
When my Papa died in 1980, no one thought to keep his tools
When you are young you don't realize how sentimental
Some old carpenter tools would be later in your life.
My Son-in-Law (RJ) is lucky to have some of his
Grandpa's Tools. . .
 RJ has made a cute display for the tools
RJ has hung this collection of his Grandpa's tools in his own
Workshop behind his garage.
RJ (son-in-law) is very talented with the skills of a carpenter.
They are just "old tools"
But, they belonged to a beloved Grandpa.
Back in the day of my Papa and RJ's Grandpa. .
Tools weren't powered with electricity. ..
The power behind the tool was ManPower!
My Papa's hands seemed huge to me.
And his arms were as strong as could be.
But, he was as gentle as a lamb.
He was a Carpenter.
He could build anything. . .


  1. What a cute blog template. Did you do it yourself? I am a little green about blogging, but love to learn. You are the post before me on BNOP, so I wanted to stop by and say hello.

  2. Ahh I hear you about your Fathers tools. My Dad is an artist and I have 'taken' some of his pallet knives, full of oil paints and I love them. My daughter has commandeered his penknife that can hardly open it is so full of paint. Dad complains about us helping ourselves, bless him love him so!

  3. This is so lovely! The stuff our loved ones have that is so very dear to us! I love the tools and the rusty, old look they have! :)



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