Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pillowcase Dress

For Fun!
I haven't sewed little girls clothes for ages. .
Oh, I use to have my sewing machine whirling all the time
When my  little daughter was young.
Her ruffles and ribbons were all made by me.
I had so much fun sewing for her.
She was a little dancer, so I sewed a lot of dance costumes.
I made each one of my little granddaughters blessing dresses.. .
(Sorry I would have to dig deep to find pictures)
Well, anyhooooo, I have been sewing again.
Nothing fancy. . .Nothing like I use to do.
I think I showed you the pillowcases I have been making. .
 Well, I took the design idea and created this cute
Pillowcase Dress
They are very popular right now.
It is so fun to have my sewing machine whirling again
Making Little Girls Dresses. .
But, Now my Grandson wants me to sew him something.
More than happy too!

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  1. Very pretty...and I do love the little pillowcase dresses too! :D


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