Thursday, September 8, 2011


Aren't Sunflowers Fun?
I love them. .
My Grandma use to say they were weeds!
Oh, Grandma! They aren't weeds. .
They are from Mother Earth
Scattering her sunshine. .

They are so cheerful. . .
It amazes me that they can grow in the worst
Growing conditions, and Survive. . .
And still be so Beautiful
Year after Year. . .
They bring Beauty and Happiness to all of us
Happy Yellow Sunflowers. . .
They brighten the Country Side.. .
You know they follow the Sun
They face the Sun. . from East to West
As the Sun makes it progress across the sky
The Sunflower's little face is always turned to it
I think there are lessons to be learned from
The Sunflower!
Take a walk today
And notice the Cheerful
See you a little later. . .with a little more. .