Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What I Have Been Up Too. . . .

Oh, My I have been so busy lately.
My blogging has really suffered.
I keep promising myself I will be much more
Organized with my time and get back on my
Regular Blogging Schedule.
Please be patient with me. .
One of the little things I have added to my life
Is my Littlest Friend.
This little furry, chubby Yorkie
Is the newest joy in my life.
I have never had a dog of my own.
Oh, yes my children had pets and so did my husband.
But they took care of them, not me.
Now I have Zoey and I am thrilled. . .
I had no idea a little animal friend could bring so much happiness
I live a lone, and she is just my constant little companion.
We immediately bonded. . .
I just love her.
She takes up a lot of my time. . . But I don't mind
I would rather just sit with her on my lap than do anything.
That has got to change real soon!
But, I have managed to accomplish and finish a few projects.
 I finished four adorable pillowcases
 (The white chair was also painted during this time)
 Lots and lots of pretty cotton dish-clothes.
Oooo! I love them
 A cute ruffled pillow for a splash of fall colors.
 I am continuing to work on a beautiful ripple Afghan.
 My sewing machine is humming
With lots of fabric still waiting to be completed.
The abundance of yarn is also waiting for more
Crochet items to be completed.
September is a perfect time to get some of the
Christmas sewing started and possibly finished.
But my little Zoey is the most important right now. .
What a little sweetheart.
She has come to help me a long my life journey.

What have you been up to lately?


  1. oh my goodness, how WONDERFUL! i am so thrilled that you have her in your life right now, i know you will just love your new role as dog mommy! she is so stinking cute, my friend! i am thrilled for you.

  2. Ahh how wonderul for you and Zoey to have each other. That is so sweet, so pleased for you. A pet makes such a huge difference to life.

  3. Well, you found out the joy of having a furry baby! ^.^ Arent they just the sweetest? I know, I have two! LOL Lovely work your doing, love he material colours used! :)



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