Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Guests and Treats

Well, the month of
October has ended. .
Halloween 2011 is completed
All the little Ghosts and Witches should be
In their homes safe and sound.. .
My little Trick Or Treaters
Visited me tonight. .
Cutest little Witch, Genie, Princess and Vampire
There could possibly be. ..
 The little Genie, was quite impressive
 Love the blue eye-lashes. . .!
 Mommy Witch is also a beauty. .
 Most witches aren't as pretty as she is. . .
 Oh, the frightening scare of Halloween. . .
A charming witch, a girl vampire, and of course a little princess.
 Little Princess didn't feel good. . and look at the "teeth" of the vampire!
 Grandma had lots of treats for the little Halloween guests. .
 Little Zoey was even dressed for the occasion. .
Although she didn't like it at all. .
She went to bed early,
The little Trickers were just too much for her.
Dragon Ball Z was off to a Halloween Party
 I didn't get to see two of my little Trickers. ..
They were just too busy knocking on doors. .
They will get their treats tomorrow. .
It is a fun night for the children in all of us. .
I am glad it is over and they are all
Home Safe and Sound. . .
Happy Halloween!
Now lets bring on

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Candelabra

I have to show you the cute
Halloween Candelabra
I made last year. .
I know you probably seen it before
But, I just have to show it again this year.
 I made it last year from "junk" I found at the
DI. . Thrift Store
It is two sconces, a candle holder and two pieces of wood!
Then I found some old faux pearls and I pray painted them . .
It is amazing what you can do with "junk"
With a little help from my son-in-law
I was able to put it together. . .and
I have a cute
Halloween Candelabra. .

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween and Fall Decorations Finally

Ok, one week before
And I finally have a few decorations out.
I do it just for the Grandkids. .
(Oh, what I don't do for them!)
Nothing fancy this year
Grandma is getting tired of putting up and taking down!
Do you know what I mean?
Of course those comical little ghosts have to be on
Display for Halloween Festivities. . .
I get such a kick out of them. . aren't I silly?
The little haunted house in the background
I found at the thrift store (DI) last year. .
I don't like scary things I only decorate in cute!
 The Blue Shelf is ready for Fall and Halloween
 Harvest plates. . . witches shoes, and a few pumpkins
And of course my little October Precious Moments.
My "old" Ghost I have had for over 40 years
Sits front and center on the coffee table
With a few other Fall decorations.. .
The little Candy Corn Baskets I have been
Crocheting are also displayed. . .
Well, this will do for now.
I have a few other things to show you
But, I will wait til tomorrow. .
I hope you have your Halloween decorations all out.
Like I always say,
"What goes Up must come Down!

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Project Fail Rectified

How can I give up as a DIY-er Wannabe?
Well, I couldn't give up. .
I posted earlier about my
Project Failure
And I just couldn't discard it.
So back to the idea board I went
And this is what I come up with

The Silver Beast

 I painted the inside of the cabinet with
Martha Stewart--Chinchilla
I also used Martha Stewart- Opal
(I love Martha Stewart Paint)
 But, to set it off and look unique
I painted the trim and the drawers
Martha Stewart's Metallic Silver.
Love it, and it gives the piece a finishing touch
 I love how the drawers look. . .
I tell you, Martha has some beautiful new paint. .
Home Depot carries a whole new line of her
Metallic and Textured Paint
 I really am pleased with how it turned out
When the project failed, I was heartbroken. . .
It may not be how I "really" wanted it,
But, I like it and it looks good in my living room
My blogging friend Kaisa suggested I hang the doors. .
Now that is a good idea.
I am going to have my son-in-law help me
Come up with a way I can hang the doors when
The television is not in use.
So what do you think, did I rectify the failure?

Come Back Soon . . .K
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What's A DIYer Wanna Be To Do?

Sometime I wonder why I even try. .
As I have mentioned I had a
Project Failure
Now I am wondering
What's A DIYer Wanna Be
To Do?
 I have envisioned putting my television
In a Armoire. . . (I have seen several spelling)
Well, they are expensive and this gal doesn't have it
So I have looked at DI
Now just to let you know I have a big honkin TV
Not one of those slim flat screens. . .
I have come across a few armoires at the DI
But, none big enough to put my TV in.
Plus they always needed so much repair work
Finally I found one that my TV would fit in
And the wheels of my brain, although rusty,
Began to spin. .
I looked throughout bloggerland
And I saw some beautiful armoires.

I wanted mine to be
White Distressed. . . Ya, that's what I wanted
Oh, yes a cute white armoire!
Of course I wanted doors.
Doors so I could close and hide the big honkin TV
Well, I found the right size and in fairly good condition at DI
 It is hard work- sanding and priming and getting
A piece ready to paint.
The inside had to be painted. .
I paint out on my patio and the weather
Was starting to change. .
So I had the Grandson's move it into my house
I could finish painting and fixing . .
And then it happened. . .
It didn't turn out the way I wanted it to
The doors had to be taken off!
And from there it was down hill for me and my project!
The whole idea was to have the doors
I wanted to do something unique- - make it as
Pretty and charming as the ones I had seen in bloggerland

This is what I have in my living room. . .
I am not happy! Nope, I am upset!!
I haven't even finished painting it. . .
What's a DIY Wanna Be to do?
Like they say in the Western Movies. .
Get back on the saddle!
Cowboy Up!
So, I have dusted off the paint brush and I am back
In the saddle trying to re-invent my armoire idea.
Wish me luck. .
I really need it.
Be sure to check back and see what damage I have done.
Maybe it is better to buy a cheap new one. . .?

Monday, October 17, 2011

Project Failure

Oh Darn, I hate when that happens!
Project Failure!
Oh, I had such a great idea for
The Monster. . .
It didn't work out the way I had planned.
I will show you pictures later.
Now I am back to square one!
Oh, darn. . What's a person to do?
Start Again?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Candy Corn Baskets

Candy Corn abounds this time of year.
Everywhere I look there is
Candy Corn!

 From Pinterest
A talented blogger made these. .
So sorry I don't have the name
Better Homes And Garden

Well, I decided I would make a
Crochet Basket
For the Candy Corn

Easy as could be. . .
But I can't really tell you how to make them
Because I make it up as I go
I have made a dozen of them. .
I will give them to Grandchildren
And Friends for a cute
October gift. . 
I really will sit down and write the directions
I will post them later.
Hope your decorating is going better than mine
I will just get the Fall decorations up
And it will be time for Christmas. .
Oh, goodness, I had better stop
Crocheting and finish the decorating.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It Is October

Oh, My Goodness!
Where is the time going?
Didn't we just celebrate the 4th of July?
Didn't I just put my summer decor out?
Ah, I do believe it truly is
I am slowly moving along putting one season away
And bringing out another season. . .
Why, oh why do I do this?
But, I am just not one to leave things in my home the same. .
(I know I am not the only one that does this)
But, I am moving S-L-O-W!
By the time I have Autumn decor in place
It will be time for Winter and Christmas. . . .
Well, here is just a little bit of change
A few more of my crocheted pumpkins
A little Autumn Embroidery I did awhile back.

(not a good picture)
The little table vignette looks much better in real life!
 This is my small dining area. . .
 My table and blue buffet are so fun to decorate. .
I love how the sun come through the windows this time of year
It is in the mid afternoon, and it makes the room seem so cozy. .
I get a good feeling. . . I guess it is just a secure homey feeling
Interesting how sunshine and its rays will give you a good feeling.
Oh, but today is rainy, and the wind is howling. . .
It is that time of year for change in the weather. . .
I love where I live because I get to experience all of the seasons.
I am very busy right now painting a "monster" of a piece!
After my Blue Buffet I said I wasn't going to paint another "big" piece
Oh, boy. . .that didn't last long. .
I am at it again. . .and I have got to hurry and get it done
Not only to show you, but to get it off my patio before it is too cold!
Here is a sneak peek!
I hope it turns out the way I envision in my head. .

Check back. . .I hope to have it done real soon. . .!
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