Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Guests and Treats

Well, the month of
October has ended. .
Halloween 2011 is completed
All the little Ghosts and Witches should be
In their homes safe and sound.. .
My little Trick Or Treaters
Visited me tonight. .
Cutest little Witch, Genie, Princess and Vampire
There could possibly be. ..
 The little Genie, was quite impressive
 Love the blue eye-lashes. . .!
 Mommy Witch is also a beauty. .
 Most witches aren't as pretty as she is. . .
 Oh, the frightening scare of Halloween. . .
A charming witch, a girl vampire, and of course a little princess.
 Little Princess didn't feel good. . and look at the "teeth" of the vampire!
 Grandma had lots of treats for the little Halloween guests. .
 Little Zoey was even dressed for the occasion. .
Although she didn't like it at all. .
She went to bed early,
The little Trickers were just too much for her.
Dragon Ball Z was off to a Halloween Party
 I didn't get to see two of my little Trickers. ..
They were just too busy knocking on doors. .
They will get their treats tomorrow. .
It is a fun night for the children in all of us. .
I am glad it is over and they are all
Home Safe and Sound. . .
Happy Halloween!
Now lets bring on

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