Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Candy Corn Baskets

Candy Corn abounds this time of year.
Everywhere I look there is
Candy Corn!

 From Pinterest
A talented blogger made these. .
So sorry I don't have the name
Better Homes And Garden

Well, I decided I would make a
Crochet Basket
For the Candy Corn

Easy as could be. . .
But I can't really tell you how to make them
Because I make it up as I go
I have made a dozen of them. .
I will give them to Grandchildren
And Friends for a cute
October gift. . 
I really will sit down and write the directions
I will post them later.
Hope your decorating is going better than mine
I will just get the Fall decorations up
And it will be time for Christmas. .
Oh, goodness, I had better stop
Crocheting and finish the decorating.

I will be Linking with these lovely Blogs.


  1. These ideas are just your little baskets, you should post them on Pinterest! ;D

  2. These are so cute! And I know how ya feel! Ill be Christmas by the time I finish decor! haha!


  3. Ahh cute, cute baskets! I love them. Good thing I live over the pond Karie! Those candy corns are my best, love the texture - not good for my weight loss mission :D

  4. Came over to visit you! Great blog, love the graphics. And I love your dining room with the blue buffet. Are you painting the "big piece" blue also? Thanks for stopping by to visit me. I am bookmarking your blog and will add you to my following list as soon as I can get some of the kinks out of my computer. Seems my browser Firefox decided to make some upgrades which have been messing up things. Always happy to meet new friends! xoxo Lana

  5. The little baskets are so adorable and what a sweet gift! Thank you for sharing these at the Open House Party.


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