Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What's A DIYer Wanna Be To Do?

Sometime I wonder why I even try. .
As I have mentioned I had a
Project Failure
Now I am wondering
What's A DIYer Wanna Be
To Do?
 I have envisioned putting my television
In a Armoire. . . (I have seen several spelling)
Well, they are expensive and this gal doesn't have it
So I have looked at DI
Now just to let you know I have a big honkin TV
Not one of those slim flat screens. . .
I have come across a few armoires at the DI
But, none big enough to put my TV in.
Plus they always needed so much repair work
Finally I found one that my TV would fit in
And the wheels of my brain, although rusty,
Began to spin. .
I looked throughout bloggerland
And I saw some beautiful armoires.

I wanted mine to be
White Distressed. . . Ya, that's what I wanted
Oh, yes a cute white armoire!
Of course I wanted doors.
Doors so I could close and hide the big honkin TV
Well, I found the right size and in fairly good condition at DI
 It is hard work- sanding and priming and getting
A piece ready to paint.
The inside had to be painted. .
I paint out on my patio and the weather
Was starting to change. .
So I had the Grandson's move it into my house
I could finish painting and fixing . .
And then it happened. . .
It didn't turn out the way I wanted it to
The doors had to be taken off!
And from there it was down hill for me and my project!
The whole idea was to have the doors
I wanted to do something unique- - make it as
Pretty and charming as the ones I had seen in bloggerland

This is what I have in my living room. . .
I am not happy! Nope, I am upset!!
I haven't even finished painting it. . .
What's a DIY Wanna Be to do?
Like they say in the Western Movies. .
Get back on the saddle!
Cowboy Up!
So, I have dusted off the paint brush and I am back
In the saddle trying to re-invent my armoire idea.
Wish me luck. .
I really need it.
Be sure to check back and see what damage I have done.
Maybe it is better to buy a cheap new one. . .?

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  1. Oh a failed project is always a downer! No worries girl! Im sure youll think of something! Why not paint the doors and when you have the TV in, put them up later? :)



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