Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tis' The Season For . . .

I am so sorry I haven't posted
I have had Three, (yes 3)
In one week!
I am prone to migraines, but I usually bounce back
But I haven't this time. 
I guess I am getting older and it is
Harder for me to recover.
I will be back in a day or two. . .
Please come back. . . I wil have new things to show you.
(I happen to be the one sprawled out wondering What Hit ME?)
Hugs to all. . .K

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Season Begins

Thanksgiving to me is the
Grand Beginning of The Holiday Season!
How appropriate, as we think of all we are thankful for
We begin the rush to fill-up on more blessings stuff. . .
Oh, let me tell you I love the season
And I am the biggest stuff-giver, and getter there is. .
I actually didn't make the rounds for shopping this weekend...
I spent Thanksgiving Day with a major migraine!
 Then I spent the evening laying on the couch while my family
Played games and ate left-overs. .  It is all ok
But Friday late morning and Saturday I made my way to
I bought a lot of Christmas fabric for projects I am doing.
 OMGosh I love fabric. . .
 I like the feel, the touch, even the smell. . !
 I have already sewed this Christmas Fleece into a
Warm comfy throw, for ME!
 Now just look at this fabric. . .How could you not love it...
Can't tell you what I am making. .. It is a surprise!
 This OTTLITE was on sale. .
Of course, I bought it for ME. .
I wanted one of these lights. . . it will be on my table
Next to my chair where I watch t.v. and do my handwork. .
So. . . I was a happy person to buy all this FABRIC
And save MONEY!
Let the Season begin!
And let the Projects making begin!
Come back again. . .K

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Very Blessed Thanksgiving

May you have a very
Blessed Thanksgiving!
I will be spending my
Thanksgiving surrounded by
My children and grandchildren
With a humble heart giving
Thanks for all I have.

Amen. . .K

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I have had to remove the pictures of my
Followers. . .
Some vicious person out there is
Putting the most disgusting pictures on
My blog as a Follower.
I don't know if anyone else is having this problem
I am going to report it to BLOGGER. .
How terrible  there are people in this world
That would do something so disgusting. .
One of the reason I blog is because I love meeting the
Creative and great people who also blog.
I am so upset that someone would do this. .
I may leave blogging and go to something more safe
Is anyone else having this problem?

Saturday, November 19, 2011


 "Come Ye THANKFUL People Come."
This is a hymn we sing in my Church. . .

I want to be a THANKFUL person
 Have you notice that at the end of
 Is the word FUL (FULL)
Hmmm, I love that.
I give Thanks For the Fullness of my life. . .

 "Raise the song of Harvest Home
All is safely gather in
Ere the winter storms begin."
"God our Maker doth provide
For our wants to be supplied.
Come to God's own temple, come.
Raise the song of Harvest Home."
A Thankful heart. . . .A Harvest Home. . .
Please do come back for more
Thankful thoughts. . .K

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Old Frame Made Old Again

I like to find "old style" frames
Especially wooden ones. ..
I found this frame at DI
For $2
I forgot to take a before picture. .
(I always forget that part)
But let me tell you it was ugly
 You gals know what a little paint can do for something. . .
Well, I used just plain old Ivory on this,
Painted the inside detail with a light brown.
 Of course, I always use MinWax Provincial
I distressed it for the antique look.
Now I have a cute frame that is an odd size and a little antiqued!
I used a pretty Autumn fabric I found at JoAnn's
For the "picture".
 Love the distressing. . .It really looks good.
 November Vignette
 This is my little Harvest girl I found at DI.
So there you see the November vignette I have on the top of
My television Cabinet ....
In December I will change the fabric in the frame to
A Christmas theme. .
I think I have ADD. . when it comes to decorating my home
I am constantly changing.
This was a fun and a simple little project to do.
Be sure to come back. . .K
I still have to show you what I made at
My Girl's Night of Crafting. . .

I am linking to these gals. .

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Girl's Night of Crafting

I am so thankful for the
Daughters and Granddaughters I have
And very thankful they like to do
Crafts with me!
Friday night it was cold and stormy.
But, we were all together in
Melanie's house doing our favorite thing
Eating, talking, laughing, and crafting!
It was Girls Night Out for the Jackson Girls!
 We all painted wooden things.
 We get the cutest cut wooden letter and crafts
From The Wood Connection in Salt Lake City
 We just had so much fun. . .
Even the littlest girls, 5 and 7 have projects they paint.
I have some talented granddaughters. .
 I am so grateful for the Love, and Companionship
Me and my Daughter, Daughter-in-Law's
And Granddaughters have. . .
 Oh, those granddaughters are little beauties in my opinion
 A wonderful evening crafting, eating and
Lots of Laughing!
Even my little Zoey joined us. .
She just stayed close to her "Mommy"
She doesn't wander very far from me. . .
I will show you what I painted and completed
In a day or two. . .
Be sure to come back. . . K

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Nest Is Best

Now that it is getting cold outside
And the Winter Snow and Wind are here
I like to be HOME
Oh, I am just an old homebody!
There really is no place like home!
I like decorating for
November. .
I love the colors of Autumn
Orange, Golden Yellow, Brown
All the warm cozy colors.
When my children were young, I read them
A sweet little book called
"The Best Nest"
By P.D. Eastman
It is about a little bird who doesn't like her nest. .
She thinks other nests are better
She searches and searches for the best nest. .
Soon she finds--- her nest is the best!
Once she finds out how much she loves her nest
She sings a happy little song. . .
"I love my home
I love my nest
In all the world
My nest is best!"
That is how I am feeling right now
In all the world My Nest is Best!
How about you. . .is your nest the best. . .
Stay warm and enjoy the warmth of HOME

I will be linking with

Monday, November 7, 2011

November Odds and Ends

I am still busy doing some
November things. .
Oh, just trying to get out the
Turkeys and Pilgrims is all.
And I have a little wood project going on.
Plus, you know Christmas is lurking around the corner!
So tonight I thought I would show you a few
Odds and Ends. .
Just a couple of things I have taken pictures of
And not shared with you.
Nothing great. . just
Odds and Ends.
First of all I have been meaning to show you
My Great-Grandma's rocking chair
 Great-Grandma Pickering was a tiny little lady
Not even 5 feet tall. . .more like about 4'5"
She liked to rock babies in this rocker because her feet
Could touch the floor!
Next is a picture of Cousin Karma's needlepoint. .
Oh, she does beautiful work.
I showed you Karma's house in a earlier post
I found this beautiful doily at a yard sale for 50 cents
I can't pass up a pretty doily. . .I know how much
Time and talent goes into making one of them.
I am getting quite a collection of doilies. .
My own and those I find at yard sales and DI
 I found this cute little lamp at DI
I only paid a couple of dollars for it.
Here is a close up of it. . .so cute!
 I sold it to a little shop. . .one of the few
Things I have sold!
Oh, the chair. . well I love chairs. . and I can't
Seem to be able to let them go. . Ya,
I will end-up being called the "chair lady".
Another thing I have a "radar" for is
Milk-glass. .
Found this little beauty at DI for only $2
Ok, I am just about done with the
Odds and Ends. .
 I had to show you this dresser scarf
The embroidery and crocheted edge is so delicate.
I have an elderly lady that was my neighbor for over 25 years
She had a stroke a few months ago and had to leave
Utah and move closer to her family in Illinois
I just had to have something that belonged to my friend
Something to remember her by. .
I was able to get several things. .
Especially vintage linens. . .
I thought this was so pretty and I love dresser scarves.
Well, there you have my
Odds and Ends.
Now I must finish up the November decorations
And the wood project.. . and crochet.
So much to do and so little time.
It is cold here in Utah right now. .
Another storm is coming our way.
I'm going to go cuddle with my cute little
Zoey and try to stay warm
Watch some t.v. and crochet.
How about you. . ?
Oh, here's the little Zoey
(she has a milk bone in her mouth)
She is such a sweet companion for me.
Be sure to come back again, and see what I am up to
Hugs, K

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Amazing Things On Pinterest

There are some
Amazing things on Pinterest.

Makes Me Wonder!
This picture says it ALL!
Is this not the sweetest thing?
Oh, My Gosh!
So tender and beautiful. . .

Just had to share some of my "repins"
I am feeling a creative dry spell
I have been busy this past month on other things
And my Blog has really suffered, and sadly
My Creativity has also suffered. .
Come back though
I do have some things to show you.
Hugs, Karie