Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Season Begins

Thanksgiving to me is the
Grand Beginning of The Holiday Season!
How appropriate, as we think of all we are thankful for
We begin the rush to fill-up on more blessings stuff. . .
Oh, let me tell you I love the season
And I am the biggest stuff-giver, and getter there is. .
I actually didn't make the rounds for shopping this weekend...
I spent Thanksgiving Day with a major migraine!
 Then I spent the evening laying on the couch while my family
Played games and ate left-overs. .  It is all ok
But Friday late morning and Saturday I made my way to
I bought a lot of Christmas fabric for projects I am doing.
 OMGosh I love fabric. . .
 I like the feel, the touch, even the smell. . !
 I have already sewed this Christmas Fleece into a
Warm comfy throw, for ME!
 Now just look at this fabric. . .How could you not love it...
Can't tell you what I am making. .. It is a surprise!
 This OTTLITE was on sale. .
Of course, I bought it for ME. .
I wanted one of these lights. . . it will be on my table
Next to my chair where I watch t.v. and do my handwork. .
So. . . I was a happy person to buy all this FABRIC
And save MONEY!
Let the Season begin!
And let the Projects making begin!
Come back again. . .K


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