Monday, November 7, 2011

November Odds and Ends

I am still busy doing some
November things. .
Oh, just trying to get out the
Turkeys and Pilgrims is all.
And I have a little wood project going on.
Plus, you know Christmas is lurking around the corner!
So tonight I thought I would show you a few
Odds and Ends. .
Just a couple of things I have taken pictures of
And not shared with you.
Nothing great. . just
Odds and Ends.
First of all I have been meaning to show you
My Great-Grandma's rocking chair
 Great-Grandma Pickering was a tiny little lady
Not even 5 feet tall. . .more like about 4'5"
She liked to rock babies in this rocker because her feet
Could touch the floor!
Next is a picture of Cousin Karma's needlepoint. .
Oh, she does beautiful work.
I showed you Karma's house in a earlier post
I found this beautiful doily at a yard sale for 50 cents
I can't pass up a pretty doily. . .I know how much
Time and talent goes into making one of them.
I am getting quite a collection of doilies. .
My own and those I find at yard sales and DI
 I found this cute little lamp at DI
I only paid a couple of dollars for it.
Here is a close up of it. . .so cute!
 I sold it to a little shop. . .one of the few
Things I have sold!
Oh, the chair. . well I love chairs. . and I can't
Seem to be able to let them go. . Ya,
I will end-up being called the "chair lady".
Another thing I have a "radar" for is
Milk-glass. .
Found this little beauty at DI for only $2
Ok, I am just about done with the
Odds and Ends. .
 I had to show you this dresser scarf
The embroidery and crocheted edge is so delicate.
I have an elderly lady that was my neighbor for over 25 years
She had a stroke a few months ago and had to leave
Utah and move closer to her family in Illinois
I just had to have something that belonged to my friend
Something to remember her by. .
I was able to get several things. .
Especially vintage linens. . .
I thought this was so pretty and I love dresser scarves.
Well, there you have my
Odds and Ends.
Now I must finish up the November decorations
And the wood project.. . and crochet.
So much to do and so little time.
It is cold here in Utah right now. .
Another storm is coming our way.
I'm going to go cuddle with my cute little
Zoey and try to stay warm
Watch some t.v. and crochet.
How about you. . ?
Oh, here's the little Zoey
(she has a milk bone in her mouth)
She is such a sweet companion for me.
Be sure to come back again, and see what I am up to
Hugs, K


  1. Lots of cute things grandma was that short too. Love Zoey's little cute1 ;D

  2. Hi Karie, those are beautiful items you showed us. I love those pink doilies and the dresser scarf. And Zoey is so cute.


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