Sunday, November 13, 2011

Old Frame Made Old Again

I like to find "old style" frames
Especially wooden ones. ..
I found this frame at DI
For $2
I forgot to take a before picture. .
(I always forget that part)
But let me tell you it was ugly
 You gals know what a little paint can do for something. . .
Well, I used just plain old Ivory on this,
Painted the inside detail with a light brown.
 Of course, I always use MinWax Provincial
I distressed it for the antique look.
Now I have a cute frame that is an odd size and a little antiqued!
I used a pretty Autumn fabric I found at JoAnn's
For the "picture".
 Love the distressing. . .It really looks good.
 November Vignette
 This is my little Harvest girl I found at DI.
So there you see the November vignette I have on the top of
My television Cabinet ....
In December I will change the fabric in the frame to
A Christmas theme. .
I think I have ADD. . when it comes to decorating my home
I am constantly changing.
This was a fun and a simple little project to do.
Be sure to come back. . .K
I still have to show you what I made at
My Girl's Night of Crafting. . .

I am linking to these gals. .


  1. Great job on that frame! You inspire me so! :)

  2. I like the fabric as autumn art. Nice paint job on the frame.

  3. This is a cute idea. I was just at Goodwill today but didn't look at the frames. Plus I love the fabric idea and you can change it up easily. Thanks for the idea!

  4. Now this is such a great idea. Love the frame redo and the fabric is perfect for your vignette. Fabulous. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  5. Hi, Karie...this frame is really nice. I like to get the old wooden ones, too. I never have made one as cute as yours, tho.:)
    Enjoy it...and it will be so pretty come Christmas time.:)
    I don't do much decorating for fall...a little bit but I do make a centerpiece of some sort for Thanksgiving. We are having about 20 people for Thanksgiving and I am sooo excited. Mostly family but a few friends, too. So nice...
    I am blessed.
    xo bj


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